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Two thousand and whaaa?

Heeeyyy! I told you im comming back kailangan lang talaga naming mag usap ng masinsinan ng macbook. Hehe This is an obligatory blog post. I mean, a blogger without a year-endear blog post? C’mmon mamon.

Note: I’m taking advance excuse for the photos, these are the mobile upload photos. everything was on my laptop in Philas. Hope you’re not PMS-ing cus this post might make you say “SABAW” hehe

Aaaaand you might want to go search “The Night Out by Martin Sloveig” and listen while reading my blog post. Its been a party poppers painted in glitter Year. And I couldn’t agree any less.


409455_2436560328047_893001611_na.k.a  MY MONTH

Marine Base to do some drunk soul searching



Roaaadtrip!!! 😀





a.k.a Wi-Fi searching


430149_2711584883489_647164337_n– did some modeling for my bun’s photo exhibit as a project. Feeling ko talaga kay Kaye matutupad mga panagarap namen.

March – Surreal!!

424500_2694741662419_1839765970_nIts been I-don’t-know-how-many-years since we last reunited in Phils complete!


aaaand I got my babies this year! Drake (iPad) Incugirl (Polaroid)

April – The most retarded prank has happened!

Here’s the link if you haven’t read it yet. https://janxdeleon.wordpress.com/2012/04/04/april-boo-yah-the-calm/

How come you havent read it yet?

MAY- Throwback Thursday!

576878_3054684460764_1895764253_n 536581_3054707301335_25293530_nreunited with amazeballs TGI Fridays’ family!

June – Heartbreaking moment

282303_450379881640636_786117927_nAnd how could i not forget how backstreet boys concert broke my heart. Naubusan kame ng tickets. nakaka iyak kaya ayan, we spent it on foooods and bought a new baby and named it Nick Carter. Wild.





This is me and angel my evil twin giving me a ride and helping me to move out to some condo in makati, which I had the most annoying time of my life. I didn’t like the unit i stayed in and the work i had plus the personal problems I am shit facing at that time.

August – The very first time i passed out so bad and it took weeks before my friends get over with what I did. Hilarious! Yes, No picture. Its more safe.

October –

545780_4800990541416_465496706_n 374542_4801036782572_1100553727_n

Foster the people in Manilaaahh

550849_3559202233393_1273279066_n539386_3580598368283_177212328_n580234_3599961972361_1845202996_nof course this is not the best photos i can get you, but this is one of the most fun thang that happened this year, its like you were on a vacation with bunch of friends and doing some coolbeans activity like firefighting first aid and saving your ass from sea, things like that. Fun eh? Magsaysay should open a place like this for recreation hehe


Lets just say from july up to November was the worst. I mean it tested all the micro parts of me. Patience, understanding, faith, fear, self worth, trust, forgiveness, and love. everything was put on a test, and Man that was rude. Personal and work. Well, I’ve always wondered before “how am i gonna do if i was real bad hurt” I never been hurt soooo bad before. Now I experienced. I dont like to speak to anyone, I just want to work I want to occupied my mind from work and never think of anything shitty, all I can do was to CRY and ask the mother loved bacon WHY IS THIS HAPPENING TO ME?! But all these shits made me admire myself more (Naks!) I never thought I can still care even I was hurt by that person, I never thought I could still be THAT understanding, I never thought I could handle my anger well, never imagined I could face my fear, never thought I can forgive that easy and still love that person no matter effin’ what.

aaand just late last month, i discovered something, a thing I don’t even know how to put in words.. all I know is I have the right to feel something. Anak ng ano bang something?  but it was a mindblowing “thing” that really question my self worth and a hanging question of “Don’t I have the right to received some shitty explanation?”

I’m just really glad that I have mastered the arts of KEBS. Keber na sa mga negastars at negavibes. Being cold blooded and my the eff i care attitude of mine works at times like this. hehe  I’m just lucky I have all my friends to back me up. Ayan ang emoprimetime na no? hayaan nyo na.

“Always be the better person. Always” Yes, it works keep it as a mantra!


And Yes, November! I’ve bought, read and crazy love the Fifty Shades trilogy! Best purchased of this year!!!


535977_3903849169351_140282657_nThe after math of thesis title defense with my jej girlz

425597_3867282975219_865337008_nThe very first legit Christmas party of my team! Doomsday x Holidaaaze!!!


What in the world did I do to have all these people? I’m such a lucky bunny. Ok maybe just lucky not a bunny.

And it is already quite obvious that I’m in the city where there’s a lot of Pores! SingaPORES! hahahaha *awkward silence*

383625_3880183217717_1996836348_n (1)

Kidding aside, it was great when my sister told me she’s planning to spend christmas with me in Singapore I get allexcited to spend holidays with her in an awesome city! And it is a plus to get a break from all the shitholes that has happened to me this year. I seriously think that this trip is God’s one way of saying “You’ve done a good job this year my child, you deserve a dumpling” hehe but seriously, thank you God and Universe for this!


Yes, it has been a shitty year for me, but at least I gave a good fight. And I am thankful for this year that I get to experienced a lot of things I never ever in my dreams I could  do. This has been a crazy roller coaster ride, but I’m glad I have every one who deeply loves me to the bones up to their uterus to back me up when I’m at my ugleehhiest time of my life. hehe I love you, you guys know who you are. retards.



look who’s going back to my crazy life? Beeebang!!! the friendship that even vodka cant tear us apart. She’s been MIA since she kicked herself out to school. hahaha bad chic190638_3902277690065_2098909450_n

It’s been a love- kainez relationship 2012 for aoi and I. but we always find the way to get back the fireworks and wodka in our overly attached friendship. I love you, weirdo!

This photo is so gay. hahahahah

May I just list down all the songs that made my 2012 and you guys might want to check em out. 

Internet killed the video star: The Limousines

Kids: Sleigh Bells

Levels: Avicii

Flashback x I created the disco x Feel so close: Calvin Harris

Teenage Crime: Adrian Lux

Trust Issues x The Motto x Hyfr : Drake

Rack City: Tyga

World Spins wildly on: The Weepies

Marching Bands of Manhattan x Stay Young Go Dancing: Death Cab for Cutie

The Scientist: Coldplay

Humming Bird Heartbeat: Katy Perry

Beez in the trap x starship x pound the alarm: Nicki Minaj

We found love x Where have you been x Diamonds: Rihanna

Pumped up Kicks x Call it what you want x Hustling: Foster the People

The Night Out: Martin Sloveig

City of Dreams: Alesso & Dirty South

Fix You: Coldplay (Alesso & Swedish house mafia)

Rock the House x Can’t Stop Me: Afrojack

Kid cudi- Pursuit of happiness (Steve Aoki remix)

Just One: Guetta

Every Chance we get we run: Guetta x Alesso

Ho Hey: The Lumineers

Check em out! They’re Beast!!! 

Project Wonderland x Young Manila videos. 


May we all have party glitter popper kind of year this 2013! Own it. Claim it.

Happy New Year x Holidaaaaze to you coolbean, you! Thanks for staying up to my blog.


14 days till I turned 21! There’s still plenty of time to make mistakes! 



TGI Friday’s Summer 2011 “Mini Reunion”

I’m so crazy busy being lazy for the past weeks, sorry! but I’ll update this as much and fast as I can!  Babaklain ko lang tong post na to kase, bakla naman talaga ako sa personal hehe

If you’re reading my blog since then pa, you knew that almost a year ago I had my OJT at TGI Friday’s Galleria. It was a fun experience, and I made friends with a lot of awesome people there too. Syempre avail ko na ang miss friendship dba?

And Last Thursday, atlast, our reunion came true! Pero medyo flop pa din kasi konti yung pumunta pero hindi ko naman masisi dahil taga N.E. (Nueva Ecija) yung karamihan. masingit ko lang talaga ang NYC vibe hehe.

It’s going to be a photobomb post dahil wala naman masyadong ganap kahapon, at ang weird lang i share yung kwentuahn namin dito because a lot of it needs Parental Guidance. Chosss!

May Cue Music dapat na Babalik kang Muli ni Regine V habang binabasa nyo to. CHARAUGHT!

[L-R] Claud,Me,Hanah,Aoi,Sir Flexi,Len, Jeff, Marvin, Nel, and Aei (not from friday’s but..)

[L-R] Maam Mine, Aoi, Claire (na napadaan lang, swerte mo girl), Me, Nel, Marvin, Jeff, Sir Flexi, Maam Mae, Hannah, Claud, Aei, Len, Germaine

Ayan! Baka sabihin naman ni Sir Bard sinasabutahe na sya, bigyan ng exposure! Kung sino yung bago sa picture sya si Sir Bard 😀 heheh

More of Sir Bard 😀  Super galing at cool na trainer nyan. Uyyyy  hehe

TGI Friday’s OJTees Summer 2011

Ganito kame ka dami at kagulo before! First Batch kame kaya super close. Oo nagka award ako, wa na umanggal! 😀

Obvious bang inavail namen yung pader? hahaha

Na miss ko tong si Claud!

Kids in Stripes! Bet ko yung headband nila

KEBS sa Camera! lalafang ako noh!

Yes I did! Yes I did! I dyed my hair reddish brown just because.. I can Chos!

We’re actually 7 in the group (Prince, Cheng, Aoi, Claud) but when it comes to Power Trip kaming tatlo talaga magkakasama at nag aaway away haha 🙂

Moved to Gilligans, very pinoy lang. ayan ang saya namen!

Andyan na si Germaine!!! Ayan si Jeff may sanib na

Cue Music: Baby you light up my world like nobody else

Pinaka Bakla sa lahat ng bakla. Na give na namin len ang korona sayo gurl! Kaloka ka may sanib lang.

 5 hours wasn’t enough! This is not “The Reunion” yet, get ready for the craziest! Days fly so fast, can’t believe it’s almost a years since we had our OJT in fridays! Guys, kung bet nyo mag OJT, sa friday’s na lang kayo super fun!


❤ J

Jan meets people

Last Thursday night I went out with new friends. I don’t have any idea who I will be with that night, except this guy who became a friend to me because of twitter! We supposed to have coffee at figaro with our common friend, angel last wednesday night, at dahil sa pagka basag trip ko hindi natuloy.

Just to clear things; Hindi naman ako nakikipag friends and meet up with people who are real stranger to me. Handsome and I have some common friends but we never had the chance to talk.

This is gerald but popularly known as Handsome but I like to call him sam. Eh ni claim nya eh haha follow him @hansome_yo . He’s real friendly and he’s such a joy! We met without anyone mutual friend so kinabahan ako sa conversation baka mag titigan lang kame, but he fetch me up and nag beso agad. Kaya feeling close na ko.

We schedule it 7:00pm at Starbucks dasma. I haven’t been there (ang noob ko lang) I have a feeling that it is a jam packed store since it’s near to schools, and I don’t like crowd in coffee shops. Since some schools are still on vacation, tinry ko na din,  pero hindi ako na brief na may inuman na ganap bago ang coffee meet up.

kaya ayan, umeksena na ko.

Everyone is new to me, mas lalo akong kinabahan! But they’re the one who break the ice and let me feel comfortable. dave, sam and I are planning to hit the gym soon! may gym buddie na ko 😀 We are with 2 other girls from DLSU whose obviously MIA on this pic.

Friendster pose days!

Nakakagulat siguro na hindi ko alam tong hangout place na to and I don’t know 95% people from my batch. I’m the type of university kid who hangout with steady friends only (but those are bestfriends na). Ang boring lang? But actually no, I’d like meeting new friends, Yes I am! but you can’t expect me to do the first move. My friends could attest to that!

Dave: Alam mo nakikita kita sa school eh, parang nahihiya lang ako kausapin ka kase ang ganda mo pumorma, fashion talaga, parang hindi ka namamansin.

I’m getting used to it, those words are exactly people telling me after they “finally” talk to me. Oh God

Hindi ko lang talaga alam kung ano ang sumapi saken at na follow ko si handsome sa twitter at naki eksena sa mga tweets nya. Big deal saken ang first move, like anything first! Is it an illness or something? I don’t message, add, chat, and do anything first. But once you pop out and start the convo, I swear to god. I wouldn’t hang you up in the middle of conversation. You can clearly see my prons and cons of me, being your friend haha

Pictures taken with my iPhone. sorry for the grainy pictures!

This shop is pretty nice. It doesn’t have the real calm ambiance but it’s ok na rin. Well what do I expect? It’s starbucks! And I’m thinking to apply as one of barista, they accept working students! Should I?

Clap. Clap. Clap for their restroom! Malinis and mabango unlike Sbux tagaytay

7 stickers left!

Sam and I are convincing dave to make an account to twitter!

I just met Lem he’s from LPU too, pero ngayon ko lang sya naka bonding. Looser alert! And there’s a cute story behind that legit LV wallet.

And I can be your finest friend you could ever have! I dyed my hair again and the next thing I know, it ran over to my arms ang legs!

Galing ko diba?

Sino si Hanson? I swear, kung magiging barista ako ng starbucks, I will never misspelled customer’s name!

Thanks ate pau for giving me packs of this! And yes there’s a Dunhill Switch napapa wow ako dito

We stayed until midnight and I totally forgot it’s 11/11/11 already. Oh well I’m busy enjoying life.

Pupunta na si Lem sa Italy right after this semester. So, Pinantayan ko na pagka fierce nya ngayon pa lang. Good luck Girl!

And to sam who just got accepted to *insert name of establisment here* in California, Good luck! Hope you’ll pass the medical exam 🙂 You Already.

It feels so great to meet everyone!  Ang goal ko ngayon, i overcome ang First-move phobia!

And this is my 30th post! Huzzah

❤ J

Happy Birthday Ly!

Hello  It’s sem break already! what have you guys been up to? There’s still  an out-of-town, booze up night, sleepover  invites going on, but I know this sem break will screw us anytime soon. Hello Broke month! I feel you hrhrhr

Quick note: Sa nagbasa ng entry ko https://janxdeleon.wordpress.com/2011/10/02/seriously-stupid-much/ Seriously, thank you! Thanks for the PM concerns and all, but I”m far better than okay. I just made a few realizations. And you just don’t know how many times I think of  publishing it or not. Medyo strict na kasi ako sa blog na to, No 16 yr old drama allowed!! For those who read my blog [blogspot is my homeblog] way back in high school up to now (which  made me think of giving you a fortune cookies ), you know what I’m talking about. I’m so done with it. I want to immortalize my friends’ awesomeness, I want to immortalize everything surreal happenings in my life, and this blog is my little reminder of how amazing it is. Now, I sound like a 5th grader who just got bullied. No friends ang peg? Kaloka.

Let’s go back to the real shizz. Last two Sunday ago, my friends and I celebrated Ly-ann’s Nineteenth Birthday! Whooooo! *cue music: Go! Go! Shawty it’s yo birthday we gonna party like it’s yo birthday* Hindi na kami ni marah nag-iisa. Ramdam mo ba yung kilig ko? Hahaha

And it feels so surreal to be reunited with my highschool girls again! Grindays plus one! Yhups Grindays ang name ng group namen nung High School. Shut up! at least we’re not like pHinkisTasz or GiiRL rUlez or something like that. I think our name is too cool for high school. Yeaaaah?

  Aoi is our Plus One!

May napansin ka ba?  If you guys only knew how amazing singer I am. hihihihi

See? 10th yr anniversary concert ang peg namen ni bax. Toni gonzaga muuuuch?

Didn’t I told you was kidding? hahaha I just can’t stop giggling whenever we do eye-eye contact.

The Obligatory “birthday girl blowing …. candles* Happy Birthday B! You look like 16 yrs old!

Jayson and Junnel actually think that I look like Jess that happens to be Zooey Deshcanel in New Girl. I’m so kilig! Hahaha I wore glasses that night, and I thought they would say I look like Betty la fea or something. I didn’t even know they watch New Girl. FYI I didn’t bring out the Zooey/New Girl thing, they just think I am. Hahahha  #Justifying

Kung asan talaga ang fudelia dun mo sya ma sa sight!

M ore Pictures!

Ohhh, and it’s also our welcome party to Royce who just got back from california!

Ang bango nya lang, amoy eroplano  🙂

And if happens that you came to this end. Thanks for reading!

P.S Thanks to Vic and Rhaine for driving me home! I always love hanging out with you two.


This is Batangas

Dahil Late is better than later which is so korny by the way hehe

We went out of town couple of weeks ago with the Bang Gang in celebration of MJ and Junnel’s birthday and Royce Despidida party. This trip wouldn’t be possible without the birthday boy MJ!  so, thank you! And of course to all the person who voluntary join the organizing stuff.

Ok, so I just realized we don’t have any pictures on our way to the resort.  It was 3hours and a half ride from cavite to batangas. Inabutan na kame ng ulan at gutom. T’was a fun ride though 🙂

Pagkatapos kumain nag swimming agad kasi hanggang 9pm lang pwede yung pool tapos yung beach 24 hrs. Ang LABO

Eto lang talaga mapagmamalaki ko 🙂

Bouncing gay bunny! Happy Birthday MJ and Junnel Suprise! Surprise! :3

And Bon Voyage Royce! There’s a lot of video of this night. Tune in 🙂

The Rape cake

Good Gays gone bad

I think we got bored after the happy birthday thing, buti na lang nagdala kame ng cards. Carlo introduce new game, Ace to the face is so much fun or we’re just drunk or maybe a combination of both. Sobrang saya

Carlo explaining the rules. Everything is so much fun basta andyan si zoren. I’m a fan daw ni zoren kasi tawa ko ng tawa bawat salita nya.

Eto ang hahamakin ang lahat makapag ingay lang. Sa sobrang pagka Basag Trip nung rules ng resort, umalis kame para mas makapag enjoy. Bawal daw kasi mag-ingay gabi na daw, magigising yung ibang guest. Eh yung hindi kame na brief na Retreat house pala yung resort. LABO

Bringing back the 90’s kid. After playing cards, we decided to play SIKYO but they call it agawan base. Heloo Sikyo kaya tawag dun. Anyway, I was with Jayson’s group and I was mate with rhaine and the others . Just so you guys know, never paired us together in one group, we’re useless. Tawa lang kame ng tawa 🙂 and I remembered aoi as Best in Downfall, ayun nagpahabol tapos nadapa. Nakakaloka sobra!

After the hilarious game, we lost by the way :/ not my fault. but it was fun playing street games with your friends. It’s like who are you as a teammate when you were still a kid.

Coz those annoying caretakers never get out from our sight. We decided to sleep,  and plan to wake up by 5:30 in the morning to watch the sunrise. Guess what, we failed.

Morning sweetness

The place is beautifully amazing minus the basag trip rules/caretakers.

Did a little “photoshoot daw” after we ate. The resort has Wi-fi so ok na rin 🙂

The “Walang kota ako teh” Fez

Rhaine’s mother liked this on facebook.  Like a baws

Easy girls, this monkey named Madonna will not  like you for sure. Watchawt for the Video! Super saya ayaw na ayaw nya sa mga bilatchi (babae) ang init ng ulo ng baklang to!

Syempre, ang Obligatory Pic!

On our way home!

We’re hungry and broke! Buti na lang may bukas na carinderia

There are a lot of videos to watch out for! Blasting 90’s songs all through out the ride so much fun! Thanks to Carlo 🙂

And thank You for reading! If you’re planning to go out of town with your friends make sure put 90’s songs to your ipod that’s a sure hit!

❤ J

I survive Valentine’s day!

Valentine’s day is a precious day for sweet couples, famous as Sad Awareness Day for single people like me. It’s suck, Yeaaaah? But no, I didn’t have this face all day, In fact I love to see sweet couples, It makes me so kilig too! Weird? Naaah. The day was not that sad because I have my friends (what single people always say,duh) One of the best thing is to be with them! I now sound like high School neeh? We played games in HBO subject, it’s a game where you should find the perfect match of your heart. It’s a bore. I don’t want to look for it I just stand there, until one of my guy classmate paired his heart to me then BOOOM! It matched. Maybe it’s true, love will find its own way to find you. Damn it!

Please to meet my dates! Ly ann and Aoi

It’s Aoi who’s really my date! We’ve been dating for years now. hahaha

Nepo. Who’s insisting that he’s my date. Neeeh?

The Party at school was pretty bore. High School much? No offense to the organizers but yeaaah it is. It’s sad that 3/4 of the CITHM students wasn’t there, It supposed to be our party guise! anyhow we end up photobombing while waiting for ABOG to fire up the stage. Flip top’s Spencer, target and the other guy performed there too! I just don’t get it, Rap performance on a valentine’s day? C’mmon guise!

I went as Minnie Mouse. Not Convinced? K.

I have boobs in this photo. WHY IS THAT?

Valentine’s day is not just for 2 person who madly in love with each other. It’s a day of love for everyone! For parents, friends, teachers, strangers and even for yourself! Love is indeed a magical feeling! Love.love.love. WAIT. WHAT?

How bout you guise, Where were you on Valentine’s day?


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