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“Some blogger you are”

If my blog can talk? I bet that’s what exactly she’ll say. I’ve been on hiatus for months, and if you scroll down a bit, my last entry was about me being so mushy and nostalgic about 2012 and spending holidays at the cray town (SG) with my sisters which was 9 months ago. Yeaah, some blogger I am. Lame that I didn’t blog these past months, a lot of changes had happened in a snap. I just turned 2ONE!! Where did time go? I’m looking forward to blog every bit of it, thesis, final defense, weeks before graduation, GRADUATION, after graduation, win and scored 5 passes to AVICII, my first job interview, first job, my thoughts, I mean I have a lot of things to say, great things I want to keep. I swear to motherlove of bacon I’ve been trying to blog for some random reason my post keep missing. What in the worllld.

but waittttt. I have it revamped already!! love it. I want it black and white cus it’s neat to look at plus it gives “maturity vibe” Naksss! I’m going to blog a lot, pictures, videos, musics and anything under the sun. Okaaay, mahirap din talaga mag edit hihihi. Stay Young, Go Dancing is a title from the song of Death Cab for Cutie. It’s been my favorite song since circa forever! I like the message of it and its been stuck on my head since then. So, watchu think? :)

This is my dream age and it’s been an amazing year for me, hope everything goes well for everyone. right, superstar?



Two thousand and whaaa?

Heeeyyy! I told you im comming back kailangan lang talaga naming mag usap ng masinsinan ng macbook. Hehe This is an obligatory blog post. I mean, a blogger without a year-endear blog post? C’mmon mamon.

Note: I’m taking advance excuse for the photos, these are the mobile upload photos. everything was on my laptop in Philas. Hope you’re not PMS-ing cus this post might make you say “SABAW” hehe

Aaaaand you might want to go search “The Night Out by Martin Sloveig” and listen while reading my blog post. Its been a party poppers painted in glitter Year. And I couldn’t agree any less.


409455_2436560328047_893001611_na.k.a  MY MONTH

Marine Base to do some drunk soul searching



Roaaadtrip!!! 😀





a.k.a Wi-Fi searching


430149_2711584883489_647164337_n– did some modeling for my bun’s photo exhibit as a project. Feeling ko talaga kay Kaye matutupad mga panagarap namen.

March – Surreal!!

424500_2694741662419_1839765970_nIts been I-don’t-know-how-many-years since we last reunited in Phils complete!


aaaand I got my babies this year! Drake (iPad) Incugirl (Polaroid)

April – The most retarded prank has happened!

Here’s the link if you haven’t read it yet.

How come you havent read it yet?

MAY- Throwback Thursday!

576878_3054684460764_1895764253_n 536581_3054707301335_25293530_nreunited with amazeballs TGI Fridays’ family!

June – Heartbreaking moment

282303_450379881640636_786117927_nAnd how could i not forget how backstreet boys concert broke my heart. Naubusan kame ng tickets. nakaka iyak kaya ayan, we spent it on foooods and bought a new baby and named it Nick Carter. Wild.





This is me and angel my evil twin giving me a ride and helping me to move out to some condo in makati, which I had the most annoying time of my life. I didn’t like the unit i stayed in and the work i had plus the personal problems I am shit facing at that time.

August – The very first time i passed out so bad and it took weeks before my friends get over with what I did. Hilarious! Yes, No picture. Its more safe.

October –

545780_4800990541416_465496706_n 374542_4801036782572_1100553727_n

Foster the people in Manilaaahh

550849_3559202233393_1273279066_n539386_3580598368283_177212328_n580234_3599961972361_1845202996_nof course this is not the best photos i can get you, but this is one of the most fun thang that happened this year, its like you were on a vacation with bunch of friends and doing some coolbeans activity like firefighting first aid and saving your ass from sea, things like that. Fun eh? Magsaysay should open a place like this for recreation hehe


Lets just say from july up to November was the worst. I mean it tested all the micro parts of me. Patience, understanding, faith, fear, self worth, trust, forgiveness, and love. everything was put on a test, and Man that was rude. Personal and work. Well, I’ve always wondered before “how am i gonna do if i was real bad hurt” I never been hurt soooo bad before. Now I experienced. I dont like to speak to anyone, I just want to work I want to occupied my mind from work and never think of anything shitty, all I can do was to CRY and ask the mother loved bacon WHY IS THIS HAPPENING TO ME?! But all these shits made me admire myself more (Naks!) I never thought I can still care even I was hurt by that person, I never thought I could still be THAT understanding, I never thought I could handle my anger well, never imagined I could face my fear, never thought I can forgive that easy and still love that person no matter effin’ what.

aaand just late last month, i discovered something, a thing I don’t even know how to put in words.. all I know is I have the right to feel something. Anak ng ano bang something?  but it was a mindblowing “thing” that really question my self worth and a hanging question of “Don’t I have the right to received some shitty explanation?”

I’m just really glad that I have mastered the arts of KEBS. Keber na sa mga negastars at negavibes. Being cold blooded and my the eff i care attitude of mine works at times like this. hehe  I’m just lucky I have all my friends to back me up. Ayan ang emoprimetime na no? hayaan nyo na.

“Always be the better person. Always” Yes, it works keep it as a mantra!


And Yes, November! I’ve bought, read and crazy love the Fifty Shades trilogy! Best purchased of this year!!!


535977_3903849169351_140282657_nThe after math of thesis title defense with my jej girlz

425597_3867282975219_865337008_nThe very first legit Christmas party of my team! Doomsday x Holidaaaze!!!


What in the world did I do to have all these people? I’m such a lucky bunny. Ok maybe just lucky not a bunny.

And it is already quite obvious that I’m in the city where there’s a lot of Pores! SingaPORES! hahahaha *awkward silence*

383625_3880183217717_1996836348_n (1)

Kidding aside, it was great when my sister told me she’s planning to spend christmas with me in Singapore I get allexcited to spend holidays with her in an awesome city! And it is a plus to get a break from all the shitholes that has happened to me this year. I seriously think that this trip is God’s one way of saying “You’ve done a good job this year my child, you deserve a dumpling” hehe but seriously, thank you God and Universe for this!


Yes, it has been a shitty year for me, but at least I gave a good fight. And I am thankful for this year that I get to experienced a lot of things I never ever in my dreams I could  do. This has been a crazy roller coaster ride, but I’m glad I have every one who deeply loves me to the bones up to their uterus to back me up when I’m at my ugleehhiest time of my life. hehe I love you, you guys know who you are. retards.



look who’s going back to my crazy life? Beeebang!!! the friendship that even vodka cant tear us apart. She’s been MIA since she kicked herself out to school. hahaha bad chic190638_3902277690065_2098909450_n

It’s been a love- kainez relationship 2012 for aoi and I. but we always find the way to get back the fireworks and wodka in our overly attached friendship. I love you, weirdo!

This photo is so gay. hahahahah

May I just list down all the songs that made my 2012 and you guys might want to check em out. 

Internet killed the video star: The Limousines

Kids: Sleigh Bells

Levels: Avicii

Flashback x I created the disco x Feel so close: Calvin Harris

Teenage Crime: Adrian Lux

Trust Issues x The Motto x Hyfr : Drake

Rack City: Tyga

World Spins wildly on: The Weepies

Marching Bands of Manhattan x Stay Young Go Dancing: Death Cab for Cutie

The Scientist: Coldplay

Humming Bird Heartbeat: Katy Perry

Beez in the trap x starship x pound the alarm: Nicki Minaj

We found love x Where have you been x Diamonds: Rihanna

Pumped up Kicks x Call it what you want x Hustling: Foster the People

The Night Out: Martin Sloveig

City of Dreams: Alesso & Dirty South

Fix You: Coldplay (Alesso & Swedish house mafia)

Rock the House x Can’t Stop Me: Afrojack

Kid cudi- Pursuit of happiness (Steve Aoki remix)

Just One: Guetta

Every Chance we get we run: Guetta x Alesso

Ho Hey: The Lumineers

Check em out! They’re Beast!!! 

Project Wonderland x Young Manila videos. 


May we all have party glitter popper kind of year this 2013! Own it. Claim it.

Happy New Year x Holidaaaaze to you coolbean, you! Thanks for staying up to my blog.


14 days till I turned 21! There’s still plenty of time to make mistakes! 


Recently Watched

Believe it or not, I feel your boredom. – And I could also feel that you’re  running out of movies to watch, Lakas ko lang maka manghuhula, pero na fi feel ko talaga. I even went overboard haha 🙂 Before malls shut down for holy week, I went to video store and hoard a lot of movies there. I did not buy, I’m just reading plots and look for new and haven’t seen movies  to DOWNLOAD for.  In short, Gusto ko lang kayo turuan ng kalokohan.  Kung nawawalan na kayo ng idea kung ano pang movies pwede panoorin, pumunta lang kayo sa video store and bring out your phone and pretend you’re texting someone but, you were listing up movies to downlooad na haha 🙂 This is a secret between the two of us mmkei? This ain’t a copy paste from google. This is really me writing what is all about 🙂

And since I’m feeling good today, I’ll post ready to download links right after my post! You’re Welcome. 😀

Wicker Park

You know that I’m a sucker for Romantic movies, I’m hopeless. But I think I just found my man in Josh Harnett. I intend not to put the trailer here because I couldn’t find any good in youtube, it’s far from what the movie really is. And I wouldn’t like to spoil you the greatest “ending” I ever seen! Coldplays’ The scientist was playing on the background plus Josh Harnett’s crying fez is a heartbreaker! I wasn’t at all paying attention to this movie for the first 20 minutes, I was playing Snoopy’s Street Fair heehhhe. But there’s on scene that made me pause and played back once again to the start.

 Love makes you do stupid things, insane things, Things in a million years you never thought you’d see yourself do. 

Download link:

– This Movie makes me buy the original CD. (:

A little bit of heaven

This one’s good too! Made me cry,  the movie will makeyou think of “what ifs?” What if it will happen to me? Because I couldn’t see myself hanging around with friends, dear friends, with a limited time and meeting the person you love though you’re gonna die in a couple of months. Cue Music: Isn’t it ironic, what you think?

 I’m goin’ to get back the FUN in FUNERAL

Download link:


is a 2009 Indian comedy-drama film.  Farhan, Raju and ChanChad (I love him) are college buddies at School specialize in Engineering. The story was all about finding true happiness in yourself, neglect the fear and pursue what your heart wants. This movie was recommended by a friend, kaye. I-nevermind na ang language at ang fez. Maganda talaga yung movie, We were champions from competitions, Imagine out of gazillion sperm cells nauna ka! And that made me congratulate you dear friend 😛 But really, who came first doesn’t really matter, it’s all about how you do it and what would you feel right after. Always put in mind to do what makes your heart’s feeling.  I really like the values of this movie and it never cross my mind, but now it does that engineering is awesome. This is worth a shot, I assure you!

Download link:


Apollo 13

This one’s my favorite! Just to share something, when I was a kid I always want to be an Astronaut! Who didn’t? I called myself a Space Sailor haha 🙂 Being an astronaut would be really an awesome job. Oh well, that’s me. Let’s get back to the movie, Armageddon will always be my favorite. There’s 3 scene there that always, always make me cry. Seriously. Apollo 13 is a good shot too, leading by Tom Hanks and the rest. I’m a dramatic audience so, I guess it will hit if they put a little drama like “saying goodbye before embarking to the ship” and there’s only 3 astronaut, it would be really cool if they put 5 or 6 astronaut para maraming ganap! And it really made sad when they didn’t achieve their goal, but anyway, Maybe they should define and show more reasons and purpose why they have to go to the moon. It was like they like to go there for prestige purposes. I watched it for 5 times for 2 days so, hit me a comment if I got it wrong.

P.S. I have a huge crush on Ken played by Gary Sinise. He has a good heart! :”>

Download link:

My Space Sailor dream and my all time favorite movies deserves a separate entry!

Feel free to share some of your just recently watched movies, let’s all beat this boredom.



Hey, Are you one of our April Fools victim? heeehee. I just can’t get over how funny it was, sorry. In total of 593 friends and 100+ followers I have, plus with Rhaine and Aoi’s friends in facebook and twitter. I know you know what I’m talking about.

So, let’s start with …

We were in the coffee shop and I insisted to fool around with you guys, and the easiest way was to use Facebook and twitteer. I came up with the idea of cheap fight scene in facebook. Anyway, have you guys experienced way back in high school yung mga boys nag aaway sa classroom tapos kunyare may umaawat, and us girls mag pa panic but that was just a prank? Ang BV lang dba? You don’t know how many times we’ve been trying that this semester but we seem a bad actress we always end up with laughs. Nakakatawa naman kase talaga, lagyan mo pa kame ng mga beckies. Lakas na maka elementary.

So I guess this time, avail na sya. Kahit tumawa kame ng tumawa tuloy parin ang ganap.

I directed everything, from the story, cue post, and how it will end.

Aoi deleted all her post already but, I let her post first the ” I’m in QC with some of my trusted friends” status. Just to make everyone believe that we’re not together (we live in the same roof, just so you know)

And I replied

And rhaine posted this:

Then Aoi: Ranting a lot of post like, Plastic ka and Malandi hahaha

and I replied

You just don’t know how many times I review my status. Hindi naman kasi talaga ako ng aaway/ Parinig sa facebook or any social network sites. Ang cheap lang. but for the sake of good times, go!

Kung na ge gets nyo, we started with parinigan, because that’s where all fights started, right? it should be 1 round of parinigan but since we want the audience to think and to be intrigue more, we let the fire burning until my cue went to this

The Real game baby!

And that’s “Could you please stop acting like YOU’RE the Victime here? ” I really don’t know what to write. Paiba-iba. I always ask for aoi what to say and post. I guess, I’m not really into cat fight.


Some of our jeje epic tag lines! This post up to the end made me laugh!

Our Fight Scene supposed to end by 11:00 pm. We’re just waiting for rhaine to logged on to skype and take a “hey guise, we’re fine” picture

Until Lenard “Basag Trip” Quinto went like this

Panic! We almost don’t know what to do.

We already know that our close friends won’t believe “the drama” pero pwede bang maki sakay nlng? #Chweh

But since half of our audience doesn’t believe anymore, sinali na lang namen sya 🙂 Target time: 11:30pm

And we end the Jeje scene with

To our cool audience, Thank You very much! But you just got pranked! HAHAHAHHA

With all the things we have said, half of that were true hahah. So just figure out what part it is, but the real thing is, we’re ok with that. Those are the things you will hear from us personally, actually mas malala pa. We tease and curse each other to death. I know you get me. But we’re in laaaaav so yeah! All for the Good Times 😛

We’re overwhelmed with the feedback! Thank You. You brought joy and lots of evil juices in us. Might do this once in a while heeehhhhh – Aoi. Rhaine & Me

So how was your April Fools? 🙂


Meet Drake and Incugirl

I’ve been constantly MIA for the past months and totally forgot the things I supposed to blog. If you’re reading my blog since blogspot days, you probably know why I do blogging. I just simply want to have something to read when I reached 60+ years old with my cutie patotie grandsons/daughters and show off how cool their Grammy way back then! Hahaha :)) or just a living proof that I rock my life so fuckin well!

So, how you guys been? It’s the most stressful semester I ever experienced! Well, hello senior years. I still have exam later today but I’m dying to update this blog by writing a post about my new babies!

I’d like to think that they are delayed gifts from my birthday, para meron ulit sa pasko. O dba materialistic ko lang?

Meet “Drake” the new leader of my apple army. I named him drake just because… I am his Nicki minaj like eckkk! haha 🙂  No seriously I like giving names to my things. I named my iPhone “Titanic” para pag nag sync ako, “Titanic is syncing”  (insert socially awkward silence here) K. you can go back to whatever you are doing and leave my jeje blog alone.

and please to meet my Incugirl, it’s a polaroid camera which I’m drooling since last year!  I have already finished my first 20 sheets and they are all terrible. Nahihiya talaga akong ipakita pero Go na!

Used fine and clear mode here. I must use indoor mode nexttime!

The first 3 pictures above was taken by Aoi and my sister. And the last two was taken by me, it was at the Pyromusical. So fireworks yan, ang fail dba? I don’t know what mode I used there, probably “Clear” clear ginamit ko kase maliwanag cause of fireworks, pero ang dilim pa din. Nakaka iyak huhu T___T

Mode: first 3 photos/ Cloudy Last two: Clear/Fine

I think, this is my most “OK narin” photo I ever took.  I have lots of instax during her birthday and it will be shown next blog post! 😀

Mode: Indoor

But I think, the best thing I ever received this month was new queen size bed and an automatic washing machine! If you’re living independently, you’ll get me! Lakas lang maka Nanay #Chweh

It’s not even half of the year, but I already received my Christmas gift! After a very long time (7 years I think), I have finally experienced once again the “normal family set up” I mean, yung uuwi ka na may naghihintay sayo, asking where will you go and what time will you go home is just one of the few things I miss! Ok. ang lakas maka OFW nang mga pinag sasabi ko.

Before everything turned dramatic, Thanks for continually reading my blog and patiently waiting for a new post. I truly appreciate it! Uy, artista lang? hahaha Para yan sa lahat ng nakisakay sa #ARTISTATWEET ko kagabi. *Fistbump

March is indeed my love month! Thank You Lord God


Young Manila (Photobomb)

Have you ever thank your professors that you’re doing a case study? Sounds duuuh.. right? Our professors sent us out in different municipalities in Cavite for our Case Study in Tourism Planning.  Well,  just for once, I’m loving this one. Uy Rhyme!

Ok.. Ok.. I’ll tell you honestly, this is not my group and not my Case Study hehe. I was grouped in General Trias, It just happened that Aoi’s group is doing a Case Study and owns a house near the vicinity, and if you know us personally you’ll notice that lorraine [right] is from DLSU-D haha 🙂  We’ve been talking about this trip since my birthday, together with Pete! I miss you man. So, just to clear things out, this is a Drunk Soul Searching.

It is really one of the rare school days that we allow ourselves to escape and forget everything but to have Fun! I really want to stay longer, I am definitely fell in love with the place. Must come with the bitchaz! Stopped at Bonifacio Highstreet  Chosa. Bonifacio Shrine It would be really torturous if I blog everything that happened in our drunk Soul Searching. I mean, who would read a long entry? So, I dump everything in a 5minute+ video clip. Sorry for the poor editing skillz like jeje 🙂

NOTE: Load nyo muna yung video bago nyo panoorin, para hindi naman mukang alien kame pag pinanood. Enjoy!

The weekend we surely have a repeat! 

January 21-22 2012

I swear to God, Teenage Dream is one of my Pop Group’s anthem. And Yes, we’re from Olyooood 😀

*Morning haze
*beach talk
*En route to Katy Perry’s Manila Dream.

Boys & Girls: Martin Solveig
Internet Killed the Video Star : The Limousness
Teenage Dream: Katy Perry

❤ J

Guess who ‘s getting older?

Pardon my socially awkward tittle and editing skillz. jej

Yes you guess that right, or probably not -___-. My blog just turned One! *insert screaming audience and party poppers here* My first ever blog post was made last year of Valentines. In total of 37 post  7 comments and 2,044 views. Up to now, I really don’t get how could my blog reach that number. I mean, really? You guys are awesome! Thankyouverymuch.

believe it or not, which is of course you need to believe. I planned this “One Year blog  post” for months, I’d like to throw a giveaways or something like that to my readers (if there’s one) hehe. But due to some random reasons, my innernet and financial status forbidden me. I will make it up to you though! How? Please leave any suggestions and the like, I really want to get to know who my readers is.  And because my blog is celebrating its one year, It deserves a new headboard! Yay for killer edittingzz Gaaahh!

But then again, ThankYou! More mushy and socially awkward posts to come 🙂