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Ohmygod Hi!

Happy Holidaaaze from me and my adorable blog! 


I will make lots of kwento when i finally get to know this Mac.

Dont Move.



Meet Drake and Incugirl

I’ve been constantly MIA for the past months and totally forgot the things I supposed to blog. If you’re reading my blog since blogspot days, you probably know why I do blogging. I just simply want to have something to read when I reached 60+ years old with my cutie patotie grandsons/daughters and show off how cool their Grammy way back then! Hahaha :)) or just a living proof that I rock my life so fuckin well!

So, how you guys been? It’s the most stressful semester I ever experienced! Well, hello senior years. I still have exam later today but I’m dying to update this blog by writing a post about my new babies!

I’d like to think that they are delayed gifts from my birthday, para meron ulit sa pasko. O dba materialistic ko lang?

Meet “Drake” the new leader of my apple army. I named him drake just because… I am his Nicki minaj like eckkk! haha 🙂  No seriously I like giving names to my things. I named my iPhone “Titanic” para pag nag sync ako, “Titanic is syncing”  (insert socially awkward silence here) K. you can go back to whatever you are doing and leave my jeje blog alone.

and please to meet my Incugirl, it’s a polaroid camera which I’m drooling since last year!  I have already finished my first 20 sheets and they are all terrible. Nahihiya talaga akong ipakita pero Go na!

Used fine and clear mode here. I must use indoor mode nexttime!

The first 3 pictures above was taken by Aoi and my sister. And the last two was taken by me, it was at the Pyromusical. So fireworks yan, ang fail dba? I don’t know what mode I used there, probably “Clear” clear ginamit ko kase maliwanag cause of fireworks, pero ang dilim pa din. Nakaka iyak huhu T___T

Mode: first 3 photos/ Cloudy Last two: Clear/Fine

I think, this is my most “OK narin” photo I ever took.  I have lots of instax during her birthday and it will be shown next blog post! 😀

Mode: Indoor

But I think, the best thing I ever received this month was new queen size bed and an automatic washing machine! If you’re living independently, you’ll get me! Lakas lang maka Nanay #Chweh

It’s not even half of the year, but I already received my Christmas gift! After a very long time (7 years I think), I have finally experienced once again the “normal family set up” I mean, yung uuwi ka na may naghihintay sayo, asking where will you go and what time will you go home is just one of the few things I miss! Ok. ang lakas maka OFW nang mga pinag sasabi ko.

Before everything turned dramatic, Thanks for continually reading my blog and patiently waiting for a new post. I truly appreciate it! Uy, artista lang? hahaha Para yan sa lahat ng nakisakay sa #ARTISTATWEET ko kagabi. *Fistbump

March is indeed my love month! Thank You Lord God


This is so highschool

As a hopeless romantic as I am *No laughing please* I’ve been dreaming of how I am as my man’s girl. Were you dreaming/ planning that one too?  Well, that’s great!

I’m not that Pro when it comes to guys stuff because that’s a self explanatory, I’m a girl Huzzah! But I love Boy’s section! It’s fun to dress up as a dude, NO HASSLE AT ALL! I bought some of my clothes there, I often think that I should have balls than hoes especially when I have my PMS.  Not in the rude way, but I find girls who shopped for their boyfriends are really cute! Isn’t it? I thought I was a pro when it comes to that part. But hell no! Just this Friday, My friend and I shopped for my astroboy (I just like to call him that way) We went to artwork because that’s the safest place to buy something, I just stood there, I don’t know what to do, what to get, the worst, I don’t know what he likes! Thank god I’m with his “little sister” and My best friend 🙂 I bought two gifts, and just this day 02-21-11 I went to his room, had a small sweet talk, gave the present, we hugged and kissed in front of our friends and his classmates. Can you picture out now how my friends went wild? Yes, Insanely ridiculous! My heartbeat went fast, it’s like your math teacher caught you cheating! But all the pressure was worth it, I has balls gadammmet!



Febuary 19, 2011

Just a quick post.

Never been up this early for months now! I can’t even accept that I woke up earlier than my alarm clock, how’s that happened? I sleep late. WHAT IS HAPPENING TO THE WORLD? Naaaah. Can’t back to my sleep, I’m thinking of something, thinking about someone. It’s his birthday! I already greeted him before I go to bed and I got a lame response. But minutes before my alarm clock woke up, He texted a plain I love you. This is surreal! We both woke up unexpectedly, Nagising daw sya at ako una nyang naisip. Isn’t that sweet or something? I just died.Seriously!

Happy Birth Day Astroboy!

I survive Valentine’s day!

Valentine’s day is a precious day for sweet couples, famous as Sad Awareness Day for single people like me. It’s suck, Yeaaaah? But no, I didn’t have this face all day, In fact I love to see sweet couples, It makes me so kilig too! Weird? Naaah. The day was not that sad because I have my friends (what single people always say,duh) One of the best thing is to be with them! I now sound like high School neeh? We played games in HBO subject, it’s a game where you should find the perfect match of your heart. It’s a bore. I don’t want to look for it I just stand there, until one of my guy classmate paired his heart to me then BOOOM! It matched. Maybe it’s true, love will find its own way to find you. Damn it!

Please to meet my dates! Ly ann and Aoi

It’s Aoi who’s really my date! We’ve been dating for years now. hahaha

Nepo. Who’s insisting that he’s my date. Neeeh?

The Party at school was pretty bore. High School much? No offense to the organizers but yeaaah it is. It’s sad that 3/4 of the CITHM students wasn’t there, It supposed to be our party guise! anyhow we end up photobombing while waiting for ABOG to fire up the stage. Flip top’s Spencer, target and the other guy performed there too! I just don’t get it, Rap performance on a valentine’s day? C’mmon guise!

I went as Minnie Mouse. Not Convinced? K.

I have boobs in this photo. WHY IS THAT?

Valentine’s day is not just for 2 person who madly in love with each other. It’s a day of love for everyone! For parents, friends, teachers, strangers and even for yourself! Love is indeed a magical feeling! WAIT. WHAT?

How bout you guise, Where were you on Valentine’s day?


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