9th and 30th

Who would’ve thought I’d be working on a Breakfast Restaurant. No one

Ihop (1)l

9th and 30th has been my playground for awhile, I rented an apartment 15 minute walk from work (Naks! my first work after I graduated. chills) My usual schedule was 4pm to 1 or 2 in the morning. Yes, it’s a breakfast restaurant that offers all day break fast food on weekdays and we’re 24/7 on Fridays and Saturdays.

Don’t know what IHOP is? Me neither. When my friend, ao and I were in Fort, passing CVs, we were passing it all to every restos we see, till we end up in 30th street and I insisted to apply without knowing what it really offers, but I keep hearing this resto at movies and twice in Keeping up with Kardash (lol) so out of the curiosity, we go. – just to add, I was hired august 8, 2013 and started work September 28, 2013 it took me a month and a half to gather myself and be committed to this job. Normally, you only have 2 weeks to complete all the requirements before the deadline, after that, it will considered as invalid. Nope, not actually my fault. it’s like the universe is pulling me off to have this job, but I fought (masingit lang talaga yung against all odds love story namin.) K. eto na


First of all, it is pronounced as (EYE- HAP)
Second of all, sorry not sorry for our convo 🙂

IHOP stands as International House of Pancake. it was originated in Cali and after 50++ years the first IHOP in South Asia Pacific IHOP chose Philippines to have it franchised, and so it happened. If you’ll ask me, yes please. Working in this company is the toughest and the Greatest yet, syempre unang work diba haha. but really, totes it will be the most special. Ahhh the experience! total pressure. First job and working with workaholic people is enough of a cracker, imagine working and having a lot of exams (food safety, menu, service excellence, passport to execellence.. etc) every week, people, every week! Ecstatic that I’ve done it all very well. Got the one of the most highest remarks on just one take, and my manager praise me for it. *pats on the back*  hihi

but that’s not it. What really makes it special are times when I’m about to give up and go home, like a sore loser. It is really tough. Work, studying for exams, working with colleagues who has strong attitude, dealing with guest is no joke. All of the guest is market as Class A to C and most are Celebrities, so all of these people is expected to be treated as much nice and special. I have also learned a lot of things! Who knew there are a lot of things you can do with eggs? or is it just me? I always ask “Since when did eggs become so difficult? it should be sunny side up and scrambled” though I love asking my guest “Sir, how do you like yours eggs to be done/cooked?” Ahahah I use done or cook depends on my mood 😉 also, I don’t get people who love pouch eggs, it is eggs cooked like it didn’t even cooked! ew. My Job is so interesting. Bacon, eggs, pancakes and the Ihop’s sausage ahh to die! Naging food blog na? AHAHA Minsan nawawalan ng employees meal, minsan yun na yung kinakain namen. But then, I have times that I am so knackered that SODA and Sticks are the only thing that makes me move. Very Anastasia Steele lang ng Fifty Shades Darker ng Chapter 1 (Saaabeh?!) minus the sticks, and probably crying over The Mr. Grey. Anyway, Heard about the gossip about long ques and you have to be wait listed at least 30min before you get a table is literally true. I have witnessed it myself. I almost fainted. Its during weekends but the peak is on Sundays – people coming thru non-stop! and for us working there, common na yung nagkaka initan, lahat hyper, lahat busy, bawal ang absent minded. You really need to keep up, I am so challenged by that.

One of the three pimps who made me listen to Holy Grail. whaaat (he look scary there, but probably he’s trynna look like Jay-Z hahaha but he’s the most funny person in the workplace.

I seriously don’t have anyone I can get along with, probably I’m the youngest and the less experienced? Those people have been working for years. But for awhile, I also got my crew, my pimp. I don’t get along with the girls so I got em boys. We always have the same schedule, the closer, late shifts, break buddy, the grave yard people. I’m closest to the two guys who makes my shift more fun and wayyy easier!  And as days passes by, I have fallen in love with my work, those love-hate feelings became cuter and cuter

– but I have already resigned. They want me to transfer me to newly opened branch in Katipunan. I can’t demand since that’s what is written on the paper when I applied (long story) but I can’t now- and leave with a choice to give it up. Sure, it is not just the reason but I had to. Still heartbroken about it. I remember talking about it to my friends non-stop like I’ve been inserting IHOP in every topics, so annoying. But I have to leave it behind, and stand by my choices and stick to the plan. Totes and Sure it was a great experience

Keep pushing yourself , Jan. never get tired of learning something and surprise yourself – Elton Jhon (the rockstar of IHOP x My most favorite asst. manager)

With every company you get in, there’s always a bullsh. With every challenges and pressure you gotta keep up.



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