“Some blogger you are”

If my blog can talk? I bet that’s what exactly she’ll say. I’ve been on hiatus for months, and if you scroll down a bit, my last entry was about me being so mushy and nostalgic about 2012 and spending holidays at the cray town (SG) with my sisters which was 9 months ago. Yeaah, some blogger I am. Lame that I didn’t blog these past months, a lot of changes had happened in a snap. I just turned 2ONE!! Where did time go? I’m looking forward to blog every bit of it, thesis, final defense, weeks before graduation, GRADUATION, after graduation, win and scored 5 passes to AVICII, my first job interview, first job, my thoughts, I mean I have a lot of things to say, great things I want to keep. I swear to motherlove of bacon I’ve been trying to blog for some random reason my post keep missing. What in the worllld.

but waittttt. I have it revamped already!! love it. I want it black and white cus it’s neat to look at plus it gives “maturity vibe” Naksss! I’m going to blog a lot, pictures, videos, musics and anything under the sun. Okaaay, mahirap din talaga mag edit hihihi. Stay Young, Go Dancing is a title from the song of Death Cab for Cutie. It’s been my favorite song since circa forever! I like the message of it and its been stuck on my head since then. So, watchu think? :)

This is my dream age and it’s been an amazing year for me, hope everything goes well for everyone. right, superstar?



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