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Believe it or not, I feel your boredom. – And I could also feel that you’re  running out of movies to watch, Lakas ko lang maka manghuhula, pero na fi feel ko talaga. I even went overboard haha 🙂 Before malls shut down for holy week, I went to video store and hoard a lot of movies there. I did not buy, I’m just reading plots and look for new and haven’t seen movies  to DOWNLOAD for.  In short, Gusto ko lang kayo turuan ng kalokohan.  Kung nawawalan na kayo ng idea kung ano pang movies pwede panoorin, pumunta lang kayo sa video store and bring out your phone and pretend you’re texting someone but, you were listing up movies to downlooad na haha 🙂 This is a secret between the two of us mmkei? This ain’t a copy paste from google. This is really me writing what is all about 🙂

And since I’m feeling good today, I’ll post ready to download links right after my post! You’re Welcome. 😀

Wicker Park

You know that I’m a sucker for Romantic movies, I’m hopeless. But I think I just found my man in Josh Harnett. I intend not to put the trailer here because I couldn’t find any good in youtube, it’s far from what the movie really is. And I wouldn’t like to spoil you the greatest “ending” I ever seen! Coldplays’ The scientist was playing on the background plus Josh Harnett’s crying fez is a heartbreaker! I wasn’t at all paying attention to this movie for the first 20 minutes, I was playing Snoopy’s Street Fair heehhhe. But there’s on scene that made me pause and played back once again to the start.

 Love makes you do stupid things, insane things, Things in a million years you never thought you’d see yourself do. 

Download link:

– This Movie makes me buy the original CD. (:

A little bit of heaven

This one’s good too! Made me cry,  the movie will makeyou think of “what ifs?” What if it will happen to me? Because I couldn’t see myself hanging around with friends, dear friends, with a limited time and meeting the person you love though you’re gonna die in a couple of months. Cue Music: Isn’t it ironic, what you think?

 I’m goin’ to get back the FUN in FUNERAL

Download link:


is a 2009 Indian comedy-drama film.  Farhan, Raju and ChanChad (I love him) are college buddies at School specialize in Engineering. The story was all about finding true happiness in yourself, neglect the fear and pursue what your heart wants. This movie was recommended by a friend, kaye. I-nevermind na ang language at ang fez. Maganda talaga yung movie, We were champions from competitions, Imagine out of gazillion sperm cells nauna ka! And that made me congratulate you dear friend 😛 But really, who came first doesn’t really matter, it’s all about how you do it and what would you feel right after. Always put in mind to do what makes your heart’s feeling.  I really like the values of this movie and it never cross my mind, but now it does that engineering is awesome. This is worth a shot, I assure you!

Download link:


Apollo 13

This one’s my favorite! Just to share something, when I was a kid I always want to be an Astronaut! Who didn’t? I called myself a Space Sailor haha 🙂 Being an astronaut would be really an awesome job. Oh well, that’s me. Let’s get back to the movie, Armageddon will always be my favorite. There’s 3 scene there that always, always make me cry. Seriously. Apollo 13 is a good shot too, leading by Tom Hanks and the rest. I’m a dramatic audience so, I guess it will hit if they put a little drama like “saying goodbye before embarking to the ship” and there’s only 3 astronaut, it would be really cool if they put 5 or 6 astronaut para maraming ganap! And it really made sad when they didn’t achieve their goal, but anyway, Maybe they should define and show more reasons and purpose why they have to go to the moon. It was like they like to go there for prestige purposes. I watched it for 5 times for 2 days so, hit me a comment if I got it wrong.

P.S. I have a huge crush on Ken played by Gary Sinise. He has a good heart! :”>

Download link:

My Space Sailor dream and my all time favorite movies deserves a separate entry!

Feel free to share some of your just recently watched movies, let’s all beat this boredom.



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