Hey, Are you one of our April Fools victim? heeehee. I just can’t get over how funny it was, sorry. In total of 593 friends and 100+ followers I have, plus with Rhaine and Aoi’s friends in facebook and twitter. I know you know what I’m talking about.

So, let’s start with …

We were in the coffee shop and I insisted to fool around with you guys, and the easiest way was to use Facebook and twitteer. I came up with the idea of cheap fight scene in facebook. Anyway, have you guys experienced way back in high school yung mga boys nag aaway sa classroom tapos kunyare may umaawat, and us girls mag pa panic but that was just a prank? Ang BV lang dba? You don’t know how many times we’ve been trying that this semester but we seem a bad actress we always end up with laughs. Nakakatawa naman kase talaga, lagyan mo pa kame ng mga beckies. Lakas na maka elementary.

So I guess this time, avail na sya. Kahit tumawa kame ng tumawa tuloy parin ang ganap.

I directed everything, from the story, cue post, and how it will end.

Aoi deleted all her post already but, I let her post first the ” I’m in QC with some of my trusted friends” status. Just to make everyone believe that we’re not together (we live in the same roof, just so you know)

And I replied

And rhaine posted this:

Then Aoi: Ranting a lot of post like, Plastic ka and Malandi hahaha

and I replied

You just don’t know how many times I review my status. Hindi naman kasi talaga ako ng aaway/ Parinig sa facebook or any social network sites. Ang cheap lang. but for the sake of good times, go!

Kung na ge gets nyo, we started with parinigan, because that’s where all fights started, right? it should be 1 round of parinigan but since we want the audience to think and to be intrigue more, we let the fire burning until my cue went to this

The Real game baby!

And that’s “Could you please stop acting like YOU’RE the Victime here? ” I really don’t know what to write. Paiba-iba. I always ask for aoi what to say and post. I guess, I’m not really into cat fight.


Some of our jeje epic tag lines! This post up to the end made me laugh!

Our Fight Scene supposed to end by 11:00 pm. We’re just waiting for rhaine to logged on to skype and take a “hey guise, we’re fine” picture

Until Lenard “Basag Trip” Quinto went like this

Panic! We almost don’t know what to do.

We already know that our close friends won’t believe “the drama” pero pwede bang maki sakay nlng? #Chweh

But since half of our audience doesn’t believe anymore, sinali na lang namen sya 🙂 Target time: 11:30pm

And we end the Jeje scene with

To our cool audience, Thank You very much! But you just got pranked! HAHAHAHHA

With all the things we have said, half of that were true hahah. So just figure out what part it is, but the real thing is, we’re ok with that. Those are the things you will hear from us personally, actually mas malala pa. We tease and curse each other to death. I know you get me. But we’re in laaaaav so yeah! All for the Good Times 😛

We’re overwhelmed with the feedback! Thank You. You brought joy and lots of evil juices in us. Might do this once in a while heeehhhhh – Aoi. Rhaine & Me

So how was your April Fools? 🙂



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