Young Manila (Photobomb)

Have you ever thank your professors that you’re doing a case study? Sounds duuuh.. right? Our professors sent us out in different municipalities in Cavite for our Case Study in Tourism Planning.  Well,  just for once, I’m loving this one. Uy Rhyme!

Ok.. Ok.. I’ll tell you honestly, this is not my group and not my Case Study hehe. I was grouped in General Trias, It just happened that Aoi’s group is doing a Case Study and owns a house near the vicinity, and if you know us personally you’ll notice that lorraine [right] is from DLSU-D haha 🙂  We’ve been talking about this trip since my birthday, together with Pete! I miss you man. So, just to clear things out, this is a Drunk Soul Searching.

It is really one of the rare school days that we allow ourselves to escape and forget everything but to have Fun! I really want to stay longer, I am definitely fell in love with the place. Must come with the bitchaz! Stopped at Bonifacio Highstreet  Chosa. Bonifacio Shrine It would be really torturous if I blog everything that happened in our drunk Soul Searching. I mean, who would read a long entry? So, I dump everything in a 5minute+ video clip. Sorry for the poor editing skillz like jeje 🙂

NOTE: Load nyo muna yung video bago nyo panoorin, para hindi naman mukang alien kame pag pinanood. Enjoy!

The weekend we surely have a repeat! 

January 21-22 2012

I swear to God, Teenage Dream is one of my Pop Group’s anthem. And Yes, we’re from Olyooood 😀

*Morning haze
*beach talk
*En route to Katy Perry’s Manila Dream.

Boys & Girls: Martin Solveig
Internet Killed the Video Star : The Limousness
Teenage Dream: Katy Perry

❤ J


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