Guess who ‘s getting older?

Pardon my socially awkward tittle and editing skillz. jej

Yes you guess that right, or probably not -___-. My blog just turned One! *insert screaming audience and party poppers here* My first ever blog post was made last year of Valentines. In total of 37 post  7 comments and 2,044 views. Up to now, I really don’t get how could my blog reach that number. I mean, really? You guys are awesome! Thankyouverymuch.

believe it or not, which is of course you need to believe. I planned this “One Year blog  post” for months, I’d like to throw a giveaways or something like that to my readers (if there’s one) hehe. But due to some random reasons, my innernet and financial status forbidden me. I will make it up to you though! How? Please leave any suggestions and the like, I really want to get to know who my readers is.  And because my blog is celebrating its one year, It deserves a new headboard! Yay for killer edittingzz Gaaahh!

But then again, ThankYou! More mushy and socially awkward posts to come 🙂




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