Photo Vomit: Sober blog post of my Vodka Wonderland

I know.. I know… It’s been forever since the last post. But I’ll make it up to you very very soon! as if inaabangan naman talaga yung blog ko dba? #Artistablog

But hey! Guess who’s Old Enough to take you in prison? I just turned … *drum rolls* TWENTY! I’m expecting a “talaga, 20 ka na?” NOT a “20 ka lang pala” coz Imma bitch slap you. LEL  😀 I’m 20 and 1 month something years old now, Don’t be rude I’m still young. Just spare me a minute of your lazy time. I will gladly take it as a birthday gift!

Someone asked me what was the feeling of turning 20? As if I’m turning 40 naman kung maka tanong. To be honest, I thought it will be strange and scary. B… b..buttt NO! Everyone’s expecting that I’ll be sober Hahaha that was wicked! Why would I? I experienced everything teenagers had to experience. K. Probably 98%  coz there are things that needs to think a lot of thinking. I’m one of those teenagers who got their Freedom as early as 14 years old. I manage my money, curfew, friends, studies, sleep, Pay bills, do the groceries, cleaning, cooking my own food and baon and everything on a very young age.  I got my independence when I was 16 (Not financially) . It’s not like Sinisisi ko sila o may sama ako ng loob, That’s our Family, That’s our set up. No drama! I enjoyed every bit of it, did I mention I want to be independent when I was still a kid? Yeaaah. I’m just really happy, there’s no bitter feeling of getting 20. My Teenage years  was all about breaking the rules and curiosity. I am just so ecstatic that I left my teenage years the way I planned it. No regrets, Just Love.


Are you one of my Social Network Friends who got tired of seeing my post about my birthday? #JANsWonderlust #JanIntheSkyWithDiamonds are you?

January 14 sparkled with diamonds, and by that, it means my Party Poppers HAHA 😀 I’m with my bestfriend during the countdown, I seize every seconds. She was eating and I was drinking. Sleeping beside her is already a gift. I missed her so much!

Party clock started 08:00 pm. I don’t even know why they came 07:00pm #earlybirdmuch? I am not even dressed up yet. What’s up with you guys? HAHAHA My Party was held at my Spaceship. Thanks to my minions for helping me out, from organizing, preparing, cooking, up to cleaning! Thank You 😀 That’s 3 years in a row 🙂

And I don’t even know how to narrate things nor to caption my birthday pictures. I was stoned.  So, I will let you enjoy the photos without my awkward captions heeee…heee..heee.. Let’s Ge Nauughttyyy!

12 midnight of January 15 Craziest. EVER. The BAXLOVE with my Pop Crew Ewan ko huh, Pero Inexpect ko na to eh.. Agawan ng Eksena And It’s 6 o’clock in the morning. PuuuhhhkuuuHAGGARD -.- I’m TWENTY already! I’m few years closer to settling stage. WHAT?  It’s time to put my mind on my goals, cause I’ve been partying all my life, It’s time to get SERYAS.  Believe it or not, this party is far far far from what I planned, I really want to do an Eat. Pray. Love. but I think that’s too early for my age so, having laid back night would be great too! but, since I love my friends more than EVER. throwing a party is one way of saying how thankful I am for them. Next Year Balato nyo na sakin ang mala eat pray love na celebration ko 🙂

From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU! Aaaannd Here’s the  Sober Edit of my Vodka Wonderland: Guess who brought the house down?

Best. Birthday. Yet. Sorry for the crappy video quality! Super Flopeyy. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! ;D


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