Hello from graveyard!


Hello! I’m sorry if I haven’t been updating my blog for so looooong! Inaagiw na nga sya eh. If you’ll ask, Yes I definitely miss blogging, but for some random reason my laptop is currently near to its graveyard. Can I cry now?

B..but I have a lot of things to share, since sobrang tagal na yun ngyare and it’s impossible to blog all of it in one reading, I’m thinking to sum all of it in a video clip. I’m enjoying taking and editing videos nowadays! hehe

Just to give justice to my blog and my reader of two, I’ll post few pictures


Sorry for some lame pictures , I’m not really comfortable blogging onto someone else’s computer. Bloggers know what I’m sayin’

In other news: 22 days left till my 20th birth daaaaaaaay! It would be a laid back party and you must come!

Did you know that it took me 3 hrs to published this post? Innernet Connection is ohhh      effin’ slow. Annoying!


Happy Holiday!




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