Jan meets people

Last Thursday night I went out with new friends. I don’t have any idea who I will be with that night, except this guy who became a friend to me because of twitter! We supposed to have coffee at figaro with our common friend, angel last wednesday night, at dahil sa pagka basag trip ko hindi natuloy.

Just to clear things; Hindi naman ako nakikipag friends and meet up with people who are real stranger to me. Handsome and I have some common friends but we never had the chance to talk.

This is gerald but popularly known as Handsome but I like to call him sam. Eh ni claim nya eh haha follow him @hansome_yo . He’s real friendly and he’s such a joy! We met without anyone mutual friend so kinabahan ako sa conversation baka mag titigan lang kame, but he fetch me up and nag beso agad. Kaya feeling close na ko.

We schedule it 7:00pm at Starbucks dasma. I haven’t been there (ang noob ko lang) I have a feeling that it is a jam packed store since it’s near to schools, and I don’t like crowd in coffee shops. Since some schools are still on vacation, tinry ko na din,  pero hindi ako na brief na may inuman na ganap bago ang coffee meet up.

kaya ayan, umeksena na ko.

Everyone is new to me, mas lalo akong kinabahan! But they’re the one who break the ice and let me feel comfortable. dave, sam and I are planning to hit the gym soon! may gym buddie na ko 😀 We are with 2 other girls from DLSU whose obviously MIA on this pic.

Friendster pose days!

Nakakagulat siguro na hindi ko alam tong hangout place na to and I don’t know 95% people from my batch. I’m the type of university kid who hangout with steady friends only (but those are bestfriends na). Ang boring lang? But actually no, I’d like meeting new friends, Yes I am! but you can’t expect me to do the first move. My friends could attest to that!

Dave: Alam mo nakikita kita sa school eh, parang nahihiya lang ako kausapin ka kase ang ganda mo pumorma, fashion talaga, parang hindi ka namamansin.

I’m getting used to it, those words are exactly people telling me after they “finally” talk to me. Oh God

Hindi ko lang talaga alam kung ano ang sumapi saken at na follow ko si handsome sa twitter at naki eksena sa mga tweets nya. Big deal saken ang first move, like anything first! Is it an illness or something? I don’t message, add, chat, and do anything first. But once you pop out and start the convo, I swear to god. I wouldn’t hang you up in the middle of conversation. You can clearly see my prons and cons of me, being your friend haha

Pictures taken with my iPhone. sorry for the grainy pictures!

This shop is pretty nice. It doesn’t have the real calm ambiance but it’s ok na rin. Well what do I expect? It’s starbucks! And I’m thinking to apply as one of barista, they accept working students! Should I?

Clap. Clap. Clap for their restroom! Malinis and mabango unlike Sbux tagaytay

7 stickers left!

Sam and I are convincing dave to make an account to twitter!

I just met Lem he’s from LPU too, pero ngayon ko lang sya naka bonding. Looser alert! And there’s a cute story behind that legit LV wallet.

And I can be your finest friend you could ever have! I dyed my hair again and the next thing I know, it ran over to my arms ang legs!

Galing ko diba?

Sino si Hanson? I swear, kung magiging barista ako ng starbucks, I will never misspelled customer’s name!

Thanks ate pau for giving me packs of this! And yes there’s a Dunhill Switch napapa wow ako dito

We stayed until midnight and I totally forgot it’s 11/11/11 already. Oh well I’m busy enjoying life.

Pupunta na si Lem sa Italy right after this semester. So, Pinantayan ko na pagka fierce nya ngayon pa lang. Good luck Girl!

And to sam who just got accepted to *insert name of establisment here* in California, Good luck! Hope you’ll pass the medical exam 🙂 You Already.

It feels so great to meet everyone!  Ang goal ko ngayon, i overcome ang First-move phobia!

And this is my 30th post! Huzzah

❤ J


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