Summer 2011

So I just realized I haven’t blogged anything about how I spent my summer. everyone knows I worked, but none of you know how A-M-A-Z-I-N-G-I-N-G it is, na kailangan ko pa i spell out ng ganyan. (Pero ang point, bagal ko talaga mag update)

WARNING: This is probably the longest entry I’ve made, there are 34 photos in this post and you already know your way out if you got bored (that’s lots of Y), YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. And for those who will stay? LEGGO!

After our final examination we moved to makati right away. Thanks to Mark and Alyssa for giving me a ride to makati and to my Best gay friends Aaron and Len for helping me out with my gazillion maleta.

This is the view from our pad

Yes. That’s what kisses me every night. Oh the gorgeous night lights of makati! We lived in a condo unit in Bel-air Makati along with my schoolmates that happens to be my friends already! (hindi talaga kami magkakakilala dati, we just had a mutual friends that link me to them) *

Our pad is facing Makati Shangri-La and Manila Pen, walking distance lang talaga gumala sa greenbelt and I think we’re just 5min away to Rockwell. I just wish I realized it sooner hahaha 🙂 And also; you can see my stuffs on the table. Ang dami ko talagang dinala, wala akong balak ma roomsick I brought my toys with me.

Yes I did! Yes I did! I cut my hair shorter than I could ever imagine. Yes, I just got off to a relationship that time, but that’s not the reason, read my past entry to find out: (hindi parin talaga ko marunong mag link ng tama, sorry) 2 Days before we jump to our work, Aoi Aei and I met at trinoma to eat out and I suggest if we could get a new haircut! my bullying skills never fails.

 Forget my kamachohan hahha 🙂 I always woke up alone and shivering.

I had my Ojt at T.G.I. Fridays! I started at Back of the house department

See? I told you! I have some cooking skills naman. That’s just two of many food I cooked. Feeling chef

I even tried to be one of the Dubdub (that’s what they call to servers) I enjoy being part of this work. So much FUN! Working in Fridays is truly a grateful experience, who wouldn’t  love working while having fun? I met a lot of people who became a dear friend to me, and I gain a lot of, (No. not weight) communicating skills and handling different types of guest. I love couple guest ang taas mag bigay ng tip!

Yung may hawak nung plate, si Sir Basty (Kitchen Supervisor) Super favorite ko sa lahat!

Walang bagay na mahal, wala ka lang talagang pera. Kaya mag Vmobile kna (networking business)

– Super witty pero may sense. O patola lang talaga ako sa mga maliliit na bagay?

Len, Hanna, Cheng and Prince & Aoi who is MIA that day

  Working on my 2nd birthday! Professional much?

Enough with work! TGIF is generous enough to give us 2 days off. And if I am not in the condo burying myself with my laundry and watching keeping up with the Kardashians, alone. I’m probably partying! 

Going to class with no sleep? Shizz How bout Partying till 6am and need to go to work before 9am? Zombie chic indeed!

at Greenbelt3 The Ortigas Ilalim Kids! Read the whole story:

What is Madaya? What is Malamig? Ganun talaga pag may bisita ikaw yung kawawa. Thanks to Kaye, Ly-ann and Lorraine who flew over to makati and QC  just to be with us.

@ T.G.I. Friday’s Highstreet .

Bonifacio Global City “The perks of  OJTees”

Len and I lived in QC too, somewhere in commonwhealt ata yun. Sa bahay ng Boyfriend ni Aoi na si Mon. Thanks for letting us in kuya mon! I never said Thank You personally ata. But you know I do! Thanks to your awesome house and family 🙂

Fierce! Kahit groggy na sa trabaho we still find ways to be fierce enough. #ANODAW? (Aei worked in Dusit thani Hotel)

Last Day sa condo. Sinulit ang Swimming pool, Air Con, TV Cable at nag pig-out! Thanks for being with me len and Hannah

Papayag ba kaming walang eksenang nagaganap?

Last Duty. Finally! It’s really hard to say goodbye pero I deserve a 3day vacation kahit papano 🙂 April 03- June 13 2011

Sa trabaho, hindi na ata mawawala ang maglumandi at ma inspired. Sobrang kinikilig talaga ko sakanya!

See? Gwapo dba?  Simula ng nag simula ako mag Ojt, I always make sure to drop by at topshop (they’re in a renovation for month and a half) Galleria has been a hangout place and a home na ata samen. From opening down to closing! Daming artista 😀

Night before Topshop’s reopening! Thanks to *forgotwhotookthepicture*

I hope you’re still reading up to this because I’d like to say Thank you for reading my blog!  I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Coz seriously, ang hirap mag kwento ng sobrang daming ngyare and I need to squeeze it in 4minutes reading.

I never thought OJT could be this Fun! I mean, yeah working isn’t a joke you might see us smiling and giggling on those pictures, but you didn’t know how much frustration, pressure, and tiresome things we went through. And living in the metro is far different from what you are expecting, You need a lot of awareness and yes of course MONEY! Time management, at konting sabwatan ng mga ka work mo lang talaga ang sikreto sa Masayang Ojt days!

Thanks to Barbs and Prince for the pics! =)

And yes…..

We got the SWAG!

❤ J


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