Happy Birthday Ly!

Hello  It’s sem break already! what have you guys been up to? There’s still  an out-of-town, booze up night, sleepover  invites going on, but I know this sem break will screw us anytime soon. Hello Broke month! I feel you hrhrhr

Quick note: Sa nagbasa ng entry ko https://janxdeleon.wordpress.com/2011/10/02/seriously-stupid-much/ Seriously, thank you! Thanks for the PM concerns and all, but I”m far better than okay. I just made a few realizations. And you just don’t know how many times I think of  publishing it or not. Medyo strict na kasi ako sa blog na to, No 16 yr old drama allowed!! For those who read my blog [blogspot is my homeblog] way back in high school up to now (which  made me think of giving you a fortune cookies ), you know what I’m talking about. I’m so done with it. I want to immortalize my friends’ awesomeness, I want to immortalize everything surreal happenings in my life, and this blog is my little reminder of how amazing it is. Now, I sound like a 5th grader who just got bullied. No friends ang peg? Kaloka.

Let’s go back to the real shizz. Last two Sunday ago, my friends and I celebrated Ly-ann’s Nineteenth Birthday! Whooooo! *cue music: Go! Go! Shawty it’s yo birthday we gonna party like it’s yo birthday* Hindi na kami ni marah nag-iisa. Ramdam mo ba yung kilig ko? Hahaha

And it feels so surreal to be reunited with my highschool girls again! Grindays plus one! Yhups Grindays ang name ng group namen nung High School. Shut up! at least we’re not like pHinkisTasz or GiiRL rUlez or something like that. I think our name is too cool for high school. Yeaaaah?

  Aoi is our Plus One!

May napansin ka ba?  If you guys only knew how amazing singer I am. hihihihi

See? 10th yr anniversary concert ang peg namen ni bax. Toni gonzaga muuuuch?

Didn’t I told you was kidding? hahaha I just can’t stop giggling whenever we do eye-eye contact.

The Obligatory “birthday girl blowing …. candles* Happy Birthday B! You look like 16 yrs old!

Jayson and Junnel actually think that I look like Jess that happens to be Zooey Deshcanel in New Girl. I’m so kilig! Hahaha I wore glasses that night, and I thought they would say I look like Betty la fea or something. I didn’t even know they watch New Girl. FYI I didn’t bring out the Zooey/New Girl thing, they just think I am. Hahahha  #Justifying

Kung asan talaga ang fudelia dun mo sya ma sa sight!

M ore Pictures!

Ohhh, and it’s also our welcome party to Royce who just got back from california!

Ang bango nya lang, amoy eroplano  🙂

And if happens that you came to this end. Thanks for reading!

P.S Thanks to Vic and Rhaine for driving me home! I always love hanging out with you two.



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