Christmas is near, so is my Birthday!

Heloo! I’m off to 100 days counting until my 20th birthday! isn’t awesome? I’ll be on early adulthood stage anytime soon! I’m really really excited. Still, a bit scared and sad for leaving the teenage years, ghaad the innocence, carefree actions, rebellion? jitters, and curiosity is wicked! Those years are the most nerve-wracking days I’ve probably had.  Too early to say, but I’m ecstatic that I’ll leave that year with the way I planned it. I’m grateful for everything. I reckon live it well!

I’m not blogging about how stoned I was those years, this entry is a shout out to all my FAMILY AND FRIENDS! *wave*

Christmas is near, so is my Birthday! I know you are happily thinking of what best gift you will give to me. I won’t make this hard for you so, I made an awesome bucket list for things I want to received this coming holiday. Heehee Materialistic/Kapal fez much?

Every blogger owns a decent camera. I’m not that techy or gadget geek person or whatever it is. I always rely on my friends camera and to my lovely iphone. I asked my mom to buy me one, and she said; My dad is saving up for a Professional camera that worth 50K. I was like? whaaaat?! No. thank you. I don’t need DSLR, I think it’s overrated I’m no pro and my tamad lifestyle won’t fit to it, it’s too bulky.  SONY NEX3 is I think my long lost bestfriend,I’m praying for this.  It cost around Php. 20,000.00 – Php. 25,000.00 *ehem*

POLAROID. I need it for my 365 project. This cost around 5K.

This is a nuff said. I $%^$%^%$% want it! I totally fell inlove the firts time I saw this  Awesome right? Perfect for our Palawan tour this Febuary~ nu ni nu nu PAG-IIPUNAN KO TO!

I already have Obey shirt

But I’m drooling for a Legit one. I got this from Primadona 🙂

Doc Martens X Sanrio. Everyone knows how much I love Dms. Php. 5,000.00 -Php. 6,000.00 :3

Doc Martens Satchell bag!!! I’ts gorgeous isn’t it? I don’t have much thing with bags but this one is an exception.

 Paperclub by Heima 🙂 This one is a good gift for my new dolled up room! 🙂

Patchwork Holly Day Chair by heima. This is really far from reality, but who knows? Would love this on my room.

I could eat gyoza for like forever! I know none of my friends would give me an expensive gift this holiday (Kukuripot kasi) But this one is pretty close to reality. Friends, I’m begging for this! It won’t hurt your pocket, this cost 75 bucks for 5pcs at Karate Kid. You’ll surely make me happy kid!

And lastly, This past few weeks I’m thinking to adopt a pet. Fat ass Dog  actually. 1….2….3… Whaaaaaat?! Heehee I think you already knew I have this big heart for cats, They’re so snobbish, mysterious, and lazy fat ass house cat. I can see myself with them kasi, minus the fat ass thing hehehe, but seriously I want and needing to adopt one. Opposite attracts, di ba? I’m not quite sure with his breed but he is absolutely a perfect birthday gift!

To you who is thinking to buy me one of this gifts, I will love you forever!

At sayo na nagbabasa lang, I’m curious, what’s your wish list? I might gift you one 🙂 leave me a message.

❤ J


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