Seriously? Stupid much

This past few days, I feel so vulnerable and sick not physically, mentally ill? probably. heh

To make the story short short, I met this guy a month ago, he already caught my attention from the first time I saw him. If you ask me, No, he’s not. he doesn’t have the Kimpoy Feliciano swagtitude nor Enrique Gil’s charming fez. Nothing totally to dig about. I didn’t saw his face clearly that night, but I know he’s kinda cute, cute enough. We had small talk,I was surprised when he texted me, It was clear to me that he’s on a friend-zone type of guy. It was strange, everyone knows I don’t text. I’m not really fond of talking through phone coz  I’m tamad like that.  I started liking the conversation, and found myself missing it, fine. missing him. There’s no flirting, just funny sweet convo. It was the first time I get kilig to a guy telling how %E@^T& I am, though I know it’s a pure Bola. Are you guessing? HAHAH HUMILIATING! STOP GUESSING. *rhyme much?*

Whenever we hangout everything gets worse. In bad ways, obviously. The more I get to know how annoyingly good he is, the more I confused everything.  Few days ago, we met again, We’re not talking talk. But action screams and I know what I feel. I like this guy but nothing more than a friend not even close to that. That night, was the night I literally accept that I’m a douche for seeing an asshole. Nothing that could break your nerve happened, I just can’t believe I got fooled. It’s sick if you ask,

I suck but I learned to accept it and grateful that it ends. Absolutely! Shit happens but learn to embrace and suck it up.  And just today, someone sent a “goodmorning your beautiful inside and out” text message and I’m pretty sure it’s not group message 🙂 Thanks Jayson, You’re on a great timing. Never regret anything, because at some point, it was exactly what you wanted. text messages saved my supposedly a depression day!

We’re on iwasan portion, I guess. Funny thing is I named him as ”

Also, you can see how childlike I am. I named him something that will forbidden me to response on his messages. Set an alarm tone as a ringtone coz everyone hates the alarm tone. And lastly, set a cute fish photo of him wala lang hehe

There’s always one person who’ll just drop by into our lives and probably leave scratches.  If  shit happens, suck it up embrace it and own it.

I don’t know why I blog it out and broadcast to innerwebs how I screwed. Maybe because of the smell of paint which I’m inhaling for 10 hours now.

P.S So I lied. I didn’t make the story short, short. But thanks for reading 🙂


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