My hormones says: Hi fsafjafnjd;njfdhna

Hi! that’s one of the most overused and lame opening line of this blog. Should I change it to hey? ohh that sounds pa cool, Yow? Urgh. too hipster eh?

Whatever. There’s really nothing much to talk about, nothing that interest you,seriously. You have my blessing to go back on facebook stalking. Anyway, that’s creepy, stop it.  Ohhh Am I freaking you out? Shhhh.. don’t hate me, I’m just.. I’m just having a really bad time dealing with my hormones. See? I told you, how could I even broadcast to you my dear two readers that I am having troubles with my hormones! But chill, it’s not about identity fvcking crisis, I assure you.

Heh 🙂 To those who continue reading this post, dnksjanfajksnjfn! Seriously, I’m having PMS. I’ve been using this word? acronym? for years now as an excuse for my out of this world tantrums. So, according to everyone’s bestfriend; Premenstrual Syndrome: PMS is a disorder characterized by a set of hormonal changes that trigger disruptive symptoms in a significant number of women for up to two weeks prior to menstruation. PMS is every girls’ favorite line excuse if they’re having a really really “can’t figure it out” feeling. To all the guys who are reading this, OMG! why are you reading this? U gay? hahaha :)) Kidding.This PMS is shitting us out! if you have a girlfriend, I suggest to boost up your patience. And ohhh, your girl will absolutely love it if you make a period mix for her. You don’t know that? Ugh. Y U SO OUTDATED? Watch No strings attached and you’ll get me. Anyway, that movie made me cry T____T

Believe it or not, I cried a lot of times today with no reason at all. Well, there is. But.. but.. is crying over anne curtis production number at ASAP counts? does crying over hot weather and listening to Britney Spears’ sometimes counts? Plus, everything irritates me. I’m just lucky that everytime I have my PMS, I was at home. So, yeaah I’m scary and funny in a way I guess.

Period Tracker is one of my favorite application in my phone. This help me tracks when will I get my monthly torture.  For those who are active in sexual intercourse, whaaaaaaat?! You little patootie! this application is your long lost bestfriend. But please, don’t engage to something you’ll regret soon enough.

Thanks for your out of this world patience to this post!

PS. Up dharma down’s Indak made my hormones calm now. So I’m good to talk.  heeeh 🙂 Don’t forget to leave something sweet after this post!

Happy Period.

❤ J


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