This is Batangas

Dahil Late is better than later which is so korny by the way hehe

We went out of town couple of weeks ago with the Bang Gang in celebration of MJ and Junnel’s birthday and Royce Despidida party. This trip wouldn’t be possible without the birthday boy MJ!  so, thank you! And of course to all the person who voluntary join the organizing stuff.

Ok, so I just realized we don’t have any pictures on our way to the resort.  It was 3hours and a half ride from cavite to batangas. Inabutan na kame ng ulan at gutom. T’was a fun ride though 🙂

Pagkatapos kumain nag swimming agad kasi hanggang 9pm lang pwede yung pool tapos yung beach 24 hrs. Ang LABO

Eto lang talaga mapagmamalaki ko 🙂

Bouncing gay bunny! Happy Birthday MJ and Junnel Suprise! Surprise! :3

And Bon Voyage Royce! There’s a lot of video of this night. Tune in 🙂

The Rape cake

Good Gays gone bad

I think we got bored after the happy birthday thing, buti na lang nagdala kame ng cards. Carlo introduce new game, Ace to the face is so much fun or we’re just drunk or maybe a combination of both. Sobrang saya

Carlo explaining the rules. Everything is so much fun basta andyan si zoren. I’m a fan daw ni zoren kasi tawa ko ng tawa bawat salita nya.

Eto ang hahamakin ang lahat makapag ingay lang. Sa sobrang pagka Basag Trip nung rules ng resort, umalis kame para mas makapag enjoy. Bawal daw kasi mag-ingay gabi na daw, magigising yung ibang guest. Eh yung hindi kame na brief na Retreat house pala yung resort. LABO

Bringing back the 90’s kid. After playing cards, we decided to play SIKYO but they call it agawan base. Heloo Sikyo kaya tawag dun. Anyway, I was with Jayson’s group and I was mate with rhaine and the others . Just so you guys know, never paired us together in one group, we’re useless. Tawa lang kame ng tawa 🙂 and I remembered aoi as Best in Downfall, ayun nagpahabol tapos nadapa. Nakakaloka sobra!

After the hilarious game, we lost by the way :/ not my fault. but it was fun playing street games with your friends. It’s like who are you as a teammate when you were still a kid.

Coz those annoying caretakers never get out from our sight. We decided to sleep,  and plan to wake up by 5:30 in the morning to watch the sunrise. Guess what, we failed.

Morning sweetness

The place is beautifully amazing minus the basag trip rules/caretakers.

Did a little “photoshoot daw” after we ate. The resort has Wi-fi so ok na rin 🙂

The “Walang kota ako teh” Fez

Rhaine’s mother liked this on facebook.  Like a baws

Easy girls, this monkey named Madonna will not  like you for sure. Watchawt for the Video! Super saya ayaw na ayaw nya sa mga bilatchi (babae) ang init ng ulo ng baklang to!

Syempre, ang Obligatory Pic!

On our way home!

We’re hungry and broke! Buti na lang may bukas na carinderia

There are a lot of videos to watch out for! Blasting 90’s songs all through out the ride so much fun! Thanks to Carlo 🙂

And thank You for reading! If you’re planning to go out of town with your friends make sure put 90’s songs to your ipod that’s a sure hit!

❤ J


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