Dr Martens 2011 Spring/Summer Collection

You guys probably know how much love I have for boots and for Gossip Girl. Feeling New Yorker kasi 🙂 I really like  Serena Vanderwoodsen’s Bohemian style,  Ghaaad! how can she be so gorgeous all the time? Since our weather is  way too hot compared to their climate, you can’t easily pull out the new yorker image without getting pawis and super groggy look.. Badtrip no?

I love how Dr Martens gives sophisticated yet rock-ish look 🙂 Next time na ang New Yorker image ko makakapunta din ako dun.

And since I’ll be in awesome place this holiday, I wouldn’t missed a chance not to drop off and hopefully scored one of Dr. Martens’ babies. Yay!

Super Ferosh! Luckily, my sister is living around this city, We’re just 15 minute ride away.

Have you ever felt that feeling where you can’t decide what to choose among awesome things you’ve been drooling for years? YEA I’m a big fan of that feeling.

Not a big fan of Pink. Pero Cute to!


I fell inlove the first time I saw these candy-like DMs. YUM!

Oh Hi there Gorgeous! I seriously want to cry now, Y SO HARD?

Aaaaand How could I not say NO to you?! Ghaaaaad. Sanrio X Dr Martens is such a brilliant idea!

These Dms ranges $120-150 and only available at Dr. Martens Wheelock Place & Orchard Central Singapore.

Welcome Tipidity months! 3months of saving up sounds failure.

Dr. Martens Autumn Winter 2011 Accessories

And with these two, I know I always end up with black. 🙂

There, Hope this post made you a Dm lover too! Hehehe



PS- Which Dr martens you like? Don’t forget to drop a comment. It will help a lot! Thanks 🙂


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