Happy 6th years young

It’s better late than later! Choz haha

This post happened May of this year, yhups while you are relaxingly enjoying your vacation. I’m celebrating one special occasion in my life every May 16th. Only close friends know why, but as what I remembered ,I blog it 3 times in different blogsites hehe :))

Last May 2010 I celebrated it in Singapore with my family, Pero yun din yung araw na bumalik na parents ko sa Pinas. Kaya binigyan nlng nila ko ng pera. I spent it well, as you guys can see. I bought YAKULT! Mababaw lang talaga ko, simple things like this completes my day, even the most special occasion of my life! Drama.

I bet, you guys probably know that I work my ass off this vacation at TGI Friday’s 🙂 I really have no plan to celebrate it the way I did last two years ago. I’m too busy and broke to had one. But, what can I say? I have the sweetest friends! I didn’t expect anything, especially from these guys

No, she doesn’t bite. She just look like hehehe

A really BIG thanks to AOI and Mojaco It’s Mon. actually, but I like to call him that way. These two surprised the hell out of me! Well, actually No. I’m working with Aoi at TGIF we had the same schedule that day, & 2 hrs before our shift, she’s  textting me every seconds of my life. I had an assumptions that she has something for me. But Naaah she’s broke as hell too, so, NO. I tried my best to go to work as early as I can, but Traffic in edsa is being a bitch at that time. Sobrang sayang yung surprised na hinda nilang mag Jowa saken  T____T first time ko sana yun. Lagi kasing scripted yung surprised saken. Sucker much.

 I found AOI all dressed up and ready to work. and she quote; ” Bat ngayon ka lang? Kakaalis lang ni Mon, surprised ka sana namen bat kasi ang tagal mo.” end of quote. Wala akong ibang masisi kundi ang traffic sa Crossing. Badtrip naman Bet ko yung mga ganung surprised eh. Pero hindi parin huli ang lahat.

    I don’t have the nerve to explain to my colleagues why my Birthday is twice a year, and  how come I named Jan as January but I celebrated it on May. Labo diba?  Masaya na nakakapagod mag explain. Hehe

                 Few of my best-friends in Friday’s! Sayang Day Off yung iba.

Sweet colleagues is sweet! My Bday celebration was nearly done but they won’t stop giggling about it!

  Nakikita nyo ba yung baso na hawak nung Kitchen Manager namen? Tinapon saken yun, medyo mabait pa sya kasi dapat isang Pitcher ng malamig na tubig ang binubuhos nila pag birthday.

The Bang Gang! Sayang wala si Len kumpleto sana kami. Day Off kasi si bakla. 😦

But this is one of the coolest Bday Celeb. Thank you to Aoi and Mon who sponsored my cake and genuinely went to Ortigas just to greet me. You sure, are the sweetest Boyfriend among my friends’ boyfriends (Bias tlga) I know you guys are broke at that time, thanks for spending 200 bucks! Love you both, Bigtime!

The Birthday Celebration at BedSpace will coming right up. Tune in guys! This is much more interesting. 😛

Thanks for reading!



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