Mark & Smith Varsity Jacket

This post is for my personal/cyber friends who constantly bugging  me about the Varsity Jacket.

Before anything else, I would like to thank Moe for redirecting me to @JB-Lawrence.

I met moe at Mini Monster meet up way back 2008.

It’s a love at first sight indeed. I fell inlove with Moe’s  letterman jacket in just a glance, I asked her if that’s a custom made and where did she bought it, not surprisingly, she answer  right away with a smile. Big Thanks to moe!! I just hope she didn’t mind that I order the same as her’s. Hehehe In a matter of couple of days, 7 days to be exact.  Finally, the varsity jacket found it’s way home! It came on the right time and on the right weather. Thank God!

                    Yhups. The Varsity Jacket comes in a very cute bag too!

Definitely in love with the packaging. 🙂

Photos courtesy of Mark Smith Varsity Jacket;

We wore it in Vans X Hello Kitty event!

                         Scroll down a little bit to see the Vans Kitty Party  post.

Yhups. She owns the A Letterman Jacket

             Had a little.. made of boredom pictorial.

                   Who would say that they’re gays? Jocks lang peg! Like.

                     Kaya nilandi na lang namin sila!! 🙂

      In all fairness Best in effort ang mga becky!

            We, for sure get another one! Big thanks to Mark 🙂 I am a horrible customer,                       thanks for the patience 😛   *I should get a lil discount  for posting this all over my Social Networking sites*. And that was just a Chos!

  Anyway, Totally different from this post. I just download Instagram and Fisheye on my Iphone and it’s OSOM! It’s a free app. Go check it out! 😛

For more detailed information about the Varsity Jacket, please do tweet Mark @Jb_lawrence or like the Official Fan Page of Mark&Smith Varsity Jacket (Naks may FanPage na :P)

Don’t be shy to approach and tweet Mark @JB_lawrence He’s easy to talk to, I assure you.


One thought on “Mark & Smith Varsity Jacket

  1. Monique

    LOLLL You remember me from Mini Monsters pa? 😮 That’s such a long time ago! Haha and you still have the picture, whoa. The color combination’s really nice diba? I’m getting another one soon in a different color 🙂


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