Vans X Hello Kitty Kiddie Party

Last Sunday, Vans launched the VANS X HELLOKITTY at Glorieta3.

Twas raining all over the Metro, I just dragged Aoi and his boyfriend Mon (but I like to call him Mojaco btw) to hang with me. The weather is just perfect to walk around Ayala and chilled out with friends. Thankyouverymuch for spoiling me, you two!

Photos courtesy by VansPhManila;

I got starstruck by Jasmine Curtis-Smith and Laureen Uy, Gaad! How could they be so gorgeous! I saw Maxx Magalona too, She’s cute.

Frank is the hottest Magalona. No, not really, It’s saab no, It’s Elmo and Arkin.

Vans’ Kiddie Kitty Party is Pure awesome.

Wohoooo They even have Photobooth!

Yhups that’s our (NOT) couple Varsity jacket. Our Custom made Letter man jacket came just in time for this event wohooo thanks to Mark! 😛

Pictures taken by my Iphone;

Obligatory photo with Hello Kitty hehe 🙂 This was in Vans Greenbelt, Masyado ng maraming tao sa Glorieta para sa Photo op.

Inner shirt;Zara/ Custom-Varsity Jacket; tweet JB_lawrence/ Bag; Keke/ kicks by vans

Killed time in Seattle’s Best. I love their Brownie Javakula and I like to say it every 5 seconds.

I’m not really fond of Hello Kitty items but this one is really pretty! :”> I Might buy this

If I could have the chance to endorse one shoe brand. It is definitely VANS!  How about you guys, if you will be given a chance to endorse one, Ok two shoe brands what would it be? Very Beauty Queen question lang? Hahaha My second one would be Nike or Converse.

Follow @Vansphmanila to get updated or like their official Facebook Page

♥ J


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