Last Friday dawn

NOTE:  We’re in right age to do all the things you will read on this post. Kids who’s 17 under, go back to facebook stalking.

It’s Thursday Night actually, Me and my friends Rhaine, Vic (rhaine’s bf), and Aoi headed out to Angel’s debut. It’s our first time to go to kawit, Cavite with all by ourselves. We even need to ask help from google to find the right way and Vic’s doubtful Car performance added up our concern.
Dude, you never want to know how we finally get to the event! We lost a couple of hundred times. No, not really.

“The obligatory picture with the debutant”  Vic has NO future in photography. And please we’re not pregnant. My twin’s debut is a whole different story from this post, will blog about it soon!

Because the debutant is always, always busy. After the whole greeting, eating, photo op process we rushed back to road-trip and go straight to (let’s hide his name to AMBOY because lame pet name is lame.) Amboy’s crib.

The weather is just perfect for road trip! Up beat music, Friends, cuddle weather, Tanduay Ice and smoke!

I love it  whenever  7/11 staff  asks my age every time I buy booze. Heck! I  look Minor.(showed my passport for some evidence)

That Night till dawn definitely brought the house down!  There are a lot of Ups and Downs, Someone was rushed in a hospital, all the fun immediately disappear. It was heart wrecking seeing him in that situation, and Guilty were punching our conscience, we left the hospital and decided to just hang to one place and think. After an hour, we drove back to hospital to check if his good, We saw him outside the hospital seated at the bench and laughing like an idiot. Damn that Boy! Na allergy lang pala sa Balut.  – We literally want to kill him right away, That was reckon Fun! We drop him off to his house and headed to rhaine’s pad before something happen again.

– Our Road Trip Mix:

  • Empire State of Mind
  • 7 things I hate about you – Miley rocks!
  • Party in the U.S.A.
  • Teenage Dream – Dude! This is a Must heard
  • Black and Yellow
  • Loot at me now

I only remembered a few. teehee

Korny ko humawak ng bote Hahahaha 😛

Thanks for reading! If you’re planning to have a good road trip too, with your friends. Be careful! Don’t drink too much! And groove to the beat.



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