My not so fake studious style!

Exam week is also known as hell week to most of the students. It is considered as hell week if you are dealing with a loooooooot of schoolwork’s such as home works,quizzes,graded recitation, reports and exams and it is all given in one full swoop! HELLWEEK INDEED! Lakas lang maka trip ng mga professors – Oh well ma mimis din natin yan after we graduated so just enjoy every cramming of it heheheh 🙂 Ohh by the way a Pro crammer here! mwuahaha

Since it’s hell week, I would like to share to you guys my fake-studious-style while studying. Seriously, Jan? huh you’re studying, seriously? hahaha so let’s start with..

  • I study during dawn. Hindi kasi talaga ako makapag aral sa umaga, there are a lot of temptations that is really hard to resist! TV, innernetzz, comfy bed and procrastinating!  WHAT I DO: I’ll sleep all day long and do all the things that make my butt happy! So kapag dating ng 12midnight super aral na ko. Cinderella lang ang Peg. chosa!
  • Keep away from your Bed! I know, comfy bed is the most seductive thing in the world and you sleepyhead will surely fall to that temptation. Studying in my bedroom is a Big joke for me, kasi alam ko naman na after ilang phrases ng nabasa ko mauuwi yun sa tulog o kaya daydreaming! WHAT I DO: I study in the dinning room, dun ka kasi makaka upo ng maayos at hindi makakahiga tulad ng sa sofa.
  • UNPLUGGED your Innernetz Connection. I’m serious with this guys, it really helps! Surfing is a number 1 cause why kids don’t study-TRUTHAT! Since I’m studying during wee hours, there are less temptation. No more friends to talk to, tumblr gets slow with updates, Facebook is dang boring and porn is bad for you. So, just to keep you NOT clicking that refresh button it is better to unplugged it for a meantime. WHAT I DO: Para hindi naman mukang inapi ka, give yourself a reward! After one chapter or a two, get yourself a 5 to 10 minute free browsing and post all your RANTS about how your subject drives you hell! hihihihi Be careful in posting guys baka friend nyo sa FB or twitter yung professors nyo. LAGOT!
  • CHILL SONGS– This is optional. Some of us wants songs while studying and the others are dont! But don’t worry kids, we’re normal kiddos too, we just want some groove. But in my case, I listen to rock songs which is mostly Paramore and some Back Street Boys and Britney’s. It really helps me not fall asleep or most likely NOT to get pissed with my penmanship Hahahah 🙂 NOTE: Just please don’t listen to songs that make you emo. 🙂 ANOTE: BSB’s I’ll never break your heart is a good one though hehe
  • CAFFEINE HIGH! Para ma kumpleto ang pagiging studious kailangan ng kapeeeee!
  • NUTELLA SAVES THE DAY! This is my upper, try it too! Papak kung papak

Beware that if you follow my study peet peeves you do know that you’ll get that zombie mode ON!

And that’s what I’m studying and listening at 4:44am. Britney’s Oosp… I did it again owned me! Beat that! 😛

P.S  Studying during in wee hours is NOT very healty! I got finished by 06:00 in the morning and had a class at 08:30 So NGARAG KUNG NGARAG ANG PEG!

So there, that’s how I study and believe it or not effective naman sya saken, yun lang I have that light headed thing all day. Kapal din ng fez ko mag post ng ganito. Anyway, I like to know  what are your habbits when you study, LOL do you even touch your book? I Kid. Please do tell it to me or do blog about it hehehe  Try ko din gawin 🙂

♥ J


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