Not HE but SHE

You guys probably know that I cut my hair short, yes it is still. I just can’t believe that I had it cut in three times in three moths. Wow! Every time I cut my hair I always tell myself “this will be the last time and I’ll let it grow na” but I always get itchy whenever my hair touches my batok (too lazy to google, do post a comment if you know! heehee) I’m just hoping that salons are not few walks away from me whenever itchy thing comes! O^O

Anyhow let’s see where it really started.

It’s April 3 when all things happened, I’m with my two great friend Aoi and Aei. We’re all in the city and decided to hang before our Ojt eats our vacation.  I’m not really good with convincing people even with my friends maybe my bullying skills got them to say yes! And if you two are reading this awwnafdknskfjshfj THANK YOU FOR SPOILING THIS BRAT CAT! I’ll  never forget what you guys sacrifice just to make me happy Shut Up!  We got it done in David’s Salon trinoma, when it comes to grooming I wouldn’t  jeopardize my hair just to make tipid, still. Quality wise!

I got a lot of reaction and comments, “nanghihinayang sa buhok and Nag pagupit ka questions which is damn obvious are mostly what I’ve read. Even my mother disapproved with this! Why would I ask their permission to get a haircut, I really don’t get it.  (It was the first morning I woke up with short hair)

I had a haircut again third week of May and I dyed it in black! I bought a brownish dyed, I don’t know why it turned into black a Hardcore black!  Grrrrrrr….

*Both photos above were taken at the condo in makati Not my room!*

Got tired and had a haircut once again and dyed it *idon’tknowwhatshadeofbrown* just this month! This time I seek a professional help (paranng may sakit lang? hahaha) at David’s Salon makati ave.  Kinda obsess with haircut huh!

and I came up with this! I’ve been receiving good and touching comments about my new haircut, and seriously you guys made me blush! But please, (okaay here’s what I am really blogging about), Yes me and my boyfriend broke up but, I did NOT cut my hair let me repeat it once again I DID NOT cut my hair just because I’m dead broken hearted. Seriously, what the hell? I’m NO BASHA. I’ve been drooling this haircut for years, so there’s no no way he’s the reason why I cut it short.

** We’re almost 3 months off and the good thing is, both of us want to fix things up as friends again 🙂

Not He. But She is the reason 😀  Topshop’s model. If you guys happen to know her please do give me her name!

Not She. But HE is the reason why I always go to work with huge huge creepy smile on my face. Ohhhh Dear God Please let me know his name 😦

Thank You!  You got me laughing  real hard! 🙂


I’m in love with my hair and I do not missed my long hair, yet! Thank goodness

Have a great holiday!


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