Hey summer

Good Afternoon guise! I was alone when I woke up, pretty sad huh. It’s my third day off since I started working. I’m hooked to what is happening to me now, wake up take a bath head to work then go home eat and sleep. Sounds like a joke but I’m liking it, far different from what other kiddos are doing. But I’m afraid of loving it, coz yanno procrastination is my first love and it will always be! I like working with different kinds of people and it’s a pleasure working with great coaches. Such cool guys!!

Anyhow, I’m off to Galleria to score one clothe for my big sis then I’m head in my way to Cavite!! Yes, I’m going home later today! I’m really really excited to see and reunite with bunch of douchebag there! I’m hoping to have great night with them 🙂 *wave to friends who’s reading this*

Here’s my “hopefully” outfit for today, loose v neck shirt from Zara, accessories from Singapore, Belt,bag and short from St.F  hat from people are people 🙂

It’s summer officially! Not really that ecstatic cause heat is my enemy! I’m a rain/winter person, I love the sound of rain drops, the melody of rain to the wind and I always feel safe whenever it’s raining, EMO MUCH huh? haha I’m just wishing that there is someone who can relate with whatever I am saying (Please do leave a comment if you are!) So there, that’s my very very lazy outfit, and that’s my everyday work outfit too! Thank God 95% of my clothes are plain white shirt!

Have a great summer!



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