10th day!

Hi guise! Guess who celebrated 10th day of being owned? WHO? WHO?

gaaaah! Who else, It’s my blog so this post is supposed to be mine. anyhow! Yes I’m owned. He’s not a freaky encyclopedia salesman that knocks on your door what the heck! haha 🙂 He had an interview at Manila Peninsula and I had mine at T.G.I. Friday’s. It was not really a date because we don’t plan one, he’s the one who count the days NOT ME! It’s  because of aoi who also celebrated 1000th day with mon. Hey behbeh let’s made this relationship last even for 100th day! I kid. Hats off to couples who made into years! I mean how can they do that? gawwd. It was a cute day, we bought ice candy walk along the village went to swing, we talk a lot. I even thought we’re close to break up scene, thank god he didn’t fall for it. I’m not a good actor wtf!

While waiting.. We dine at Gloria Jean’s and “I don’t know how to put it in words” their ensaymada is craziest ensaymada I ever taste! I’m inlove. Yammmmeh!

I owe a decent post to my blog.



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