Kewl Uniform

Someone invited me to watch a game tomorrow night, Fine! It’s him. He invited me, Yeaaah! what is up with him? Maybe he wants me to sing You belong with me while watching him playing. Never! Hehehe I kid. I have a class before his game and I’m on Cruise line Uniform (I just realized that I don’t have a photo of me wearing CL uniform yet, it sucks to be me yannow!) Ohhh No I had one!

That’s me wearing our uniform in improper way and in improper pose! This uniform is not hanging-out friendly clothes, it’s hot and we need it to wear on proper way with a lot of poise whenever we’re in campus! It’s a bigtime hassle to put all my clothes on my tote either. But thank god for the awesome designer of our uniform, Genius indeed! This blazer has nice cuts it’s easy to pair up with anything! You can match it to jeans or short with a simple tank top and nice pumps/flats and your way to go! No hassle of bringing your wardrobe inside your toti patotie bag!

To the people behind our CL Uniform, Kudos to you gais!



UPDATE: They won the game! Hurrah! 😛


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