This is so highschool

As a hopeless romantic as I am *No laughing please* I’ve been dreaming of how I am as my man’s girl. Were you dreaming/ planning that one too?  Well, that’s great!

I’m not that Pro when it comes to guys stuff because that’s a self explanatory, I’m a girl Huzzah! But I love Boy’s section! It’s fun to dress up as a dude, NO HASSLE AT ALL! I bought some of my clothes there, I often think that I should have balls than hoes especially when I have my PMS.  Not in the rude way, but I find girls who shopped for their boyfriends are really cute! Isn’t it? I thought I was a pro when it comes to that part. But hell no! Just this Friday, My friend and I shopped for my astroboy (I just like to call him that way) We went to artwork because that’s the safest place to buy something, I just stood there, I don’t know what to do, what to get, the worst, I don’t know what he likes! Thank god I’m with his “little sister” and My best friend 🙂 I bought two gifts, and just this day 02-21-11 I went to his room, had a small sweet talk, gave the present, we hugged and kissed in front of our friends and his classmates. Can you picture out now how my friends went wild? Yes, Insanely ridiculous! My heartbeat went fast, it’s like your math teacher caught you cheating! But all the pressure was worth it, I has balls gadammmet!




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