I survive Valentine’s day!

Valentine’s day is a precious day for sweet couples, famous as Sad Awareness Day for single people like me. It’s suck, Yeaaaah? But no, I didn’t have this face all day, In fact I love to see sweet couples, It makes me so kilig too! Weird? Naaah. The day was not that sad because I have my friends (what single people always say,duh) One of the best thing is to be with them! I now sound like high School neeh? We played games in HBO subject, it’s a game where you should find the perfect match of your heart. It’s a bore. I don’t want to look for it I just stand there, until one of my guy classmate paired his heart to me then BOOOM! It matched. Maybe it’s true, love will find its own way to find you. Damn it!

Please to meet my dates! Ly ann and Aoi

It’s Aoi who’s really my date! We’ve been dating for years now. hahaha

Nepo. Who’s insisting that he’s my date. Neeeh?

The Party at school was pretty bore. High School much? No offense to the organizers but yeaaah it is. It’s sad that 3/4 of the CITHM students wasn’t there, It supposed to be our party guise! anyhow we end up photobombing while waiting for ABOG to fire up the stage. Flip top’s Spencer, target and the other guy performed there too! I just don’t get it, Rap performance on a valentine’s day? C’mmon guise!

I went as Minnie Mouse. Not Convinced? K.

I have boobs in this photo. WHY IS THAT?

Valentine’s day is not just for 2 person who madly in love with each other. It’s a day of love for everyone! For parents, friends, teachers, strangers and even for yourself! Love is indeed a magical feeling! Love.love.love. WAIT. WHAT?

How bout you guise, Where were you on Valentine’s day?


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