drum that drama

Just this day, I pulled my friend aoi to watch movie with me. I bought a lot of foods, (because I think, that’s what depressed people should do. Eat a lot) Yes a lot! fuck my savings. TT____TT  I don’t really want to watch lame romantic movies and get so kilig with her. It’s intentional, I invited her just for a talk. It’s all because of my stupid love life, I’m on my weakest point and Ohh This post is gonna be so nonsense, I do understand if you click that red X button up there, Go my son click it.. But if you insisted, well Thank You! There’s a golden pot awaits to you down my post. Back to topic, I’m on my weakest point and I need someone to give me hope that there’s still something that could make me hold on to this commitment with no consistency set-up. It’s full of awkward talk! I asked a lot of awkward questions and I can’t believe I typed awkward in one full swoop. Contrary to my feelings, my friend aoi almost died with laughs while seeing me so screwed up! She can’t believe with what she sees, I think she thought I was just joking. WHY DO I HAVE FRIENDS LIKE THIS? Waiiiiiiii! No. I kid. She put a lot of good laughs to me, I still don’t have the answer though, But I had fun with her such a good kid!

I can’t see the point of this post.

To those who read this post, PM me 🙂 I has gummy bears!


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